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Are you very hungry? Eat almonds and chew well. Wrong advice comes from one almond mom, a social media phenomenon that seems to have very little positivity about it. So-called almond mothers are mothers who unhealthy obsession with staying thin their daughters. In recent months, the shortcut has gone viral among young TikTok users and helped raise awareness of experience with almond mom thousands of young people.

From reality TV to TikTok

The term first appeared in a 2013 episode of a reality show. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsin which the future top model Gigi Hadid he tells his mother Yolanda that he feels weak because he has eaten so little. Yolanda then responds to Gigi: “eat a couple of almonds and chew them well“. Clip of this interaction went viral on TikTok, as an example of how toxic some mothers’ attitudes toward their daughters’ eating habits can be. The video was hashtagged #almondmomand many tiktokers began to discuss the negative effect of this category of mothers may have on daughters.

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Yolanda Hadid tried defend his controversial comment in a magazine interview People, explaining that she was recovering from surgery and was half asleep when daughter Gigi popped the question. He also has tried to be ironic on his now infamous advice, posting a video to TikTok as he snacked on almonds and did a number of activities, including yoga, but the internet had already run its course. There is a comment highlighted some parents’ obsession with thinness which can lead to physical and mental problems in the offspring. “The maternal almond phenomenon is rooted in fatphobia and internalized prejudice.“Pediatrician Carla Lester told US Today magazine.”So you are projecting your fears onto your children, assuming that if they don’t reach a certain weight, something is wrong.“.

Almond mom in the world

The Sad Success of a TikTok Trend That Matters More Today 100 million views the platform as a whole demonstrates how entrenched the problem is throughout the world. Many TikTokers have shared their experiences with strict mothers regarding food and diet. A young woman said that when she was growing up, her mother told her banned the use of carbohydrates, while another shared a video of her parent prohibiting eating outside of work hours. Some social media users who are already mothers explained that they want to break this cycle and that, after being harassed over food in the past, they have become more free and understanding with your daughters. This means not mocking them or deciding what they should eat a priori, but thinking about a structured diet and lifestyle for them that includes exercise.

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Even many Italian users they touched on this topic. On the other hand, the impact of restrictive eating and hunger suppression on the mental health of children and adolescents may be significant, given that parents play a critical role in shaping their children’s eating behavior and attitudes towards food and body image. Given that age of the Internet and social networks Already characterized by negative examples and incorrect medical advice published by influencers and unqualified personnel, today’s children are at risk of developing body dissatisfaction and negative self-esteem, which can create mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. almond mom you risk making the situation worse, but fortunately, a viral video on social media helped make their behavior known and called wrong.

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