27 best TV series in history

Write an article about A series that made history it is difficult because it is inevitable that the perception of what we see is related not only to our sensitivity, but also to the period in which we watched a certain series or read a certain book. What may mean little to someone will mean a lot to someone else, and that’s why we apologize right from the start if anyone doesn’t find a title on this list that they grew up with and fell in love with. first moment. However, a choice had to be made, and we, striving to be objective, We’ve selected 26 from this endless treasure trove of TV series.. These are the ones that, for one reason or another, we consider iconic because they managed, for better or worse, to make a difference in an industry that had become increasingly crowded and competitive for decades. Outside thousands of new features that appear on platforms every week However, we all agree that a classic will never die, and so we are willing to share it with you in the hope that it (too) will be to your taste.

Black mirror (2011-present)

This series, which started on the BBC and then appeared on Netflix, had the merit of being smart and witty about some of the features and threats invading our present. Unfortunately, as the seasons progressed, much of the appeal of the original series was lost, causing outrage among purists.

Lost (2004-2010)

The series, which celebrates the creative sensibilities of JJ Abrams, captivates the world with a seemingly banal premise – a group of plane crash survivors inhabiting a desert island – and an urgent development that is lost in the finale. One of the most controversial in history.

Rejoicing (2009-2015)

Ryan Murphy dusts off the musical genre, giving birth to a series that manages to speak with irony and intelligence about inclusivity and a number of other sensitive topics for young people. Unfortunately, scandals and new recordings destroy the original spirit, making it even more opaque.

Strange as people (2000-2005)

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