Portuguese president’s sexist comments

“Your daughter can still get the flu, Did you see her neckline?”. These remarks by Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa aroused criticism from many political parties in Portugal. Rebelo de Sousa made these sexist comments This Friday, an incident involving a young woman’s cleavage occurred during a visit to Canada.

The scene, captured by television cameras, took place in Toronto as Rebelo de Souza was walking through the Little Portugal neighborhood to meet members of the Portuguese community in the North American country. At one point, the Portuguese president stopped to talk to a mother and daughter and said sarcastically to them: “Daughter is prettier than mother.Your daughter can still get the flu Didn’t you see what her neckline looked like??

Video of that moment went viral, and criticism of the Portuguese head of state has not stopped growing. 74 years old. Portugal’s president on Sunday denied that his comments were sexist and explained that he did so because of the cold weather. When asked by Portuguese journalists accompanying him on a state visit to the North American country, Rebelo de Sousa expressed surprise and, worse still, argued: “Everything is sexist now.”

“Don’t tell me, I don’t even know what I’m commenting on,” he pointed out. “This was not a sexist comment.I didn’t even think about that, either that young woman or those old ladies. This is not sexist at all,” Rebelo de Souza added in a statement to media in Toronto.

Rebelo de Souza said Sunday that while he was walking through Montreal’s Portuguese neighborhood — although Portuguese media had previously reported it was in Toronto — it started raining and it was cold, so he warned “A couple of older ladies, one of whom had gray hair, and some younger.” “I told a few people, but apparently only the young woman was recorded, ‘Be careful because they can still catch a cold, I catch a cold. ,'” he concluded.

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