3 things you didn’t know about the main character of LUPIN

Omar Sy She is the star of the moment among fans of Netflix products. This is where the man came from to explain part 3 Lupine on the streaming service, exceeding fans’ high expectations.

Likewise, we want to look at three things we didn’t know about the man responsible for playing Assane Diop in the Netflix production.

How old was actor Omar Sy? Where does Omar Sy live now?

The charismatic actor was born on January 20, 1978 in Trappes, Yvelines, France. For what he currently has 45 years of education.

Throughout his film, he gained fame as an actor and comedian. Intocables (2011) and for the role of the main character Lupine, the actor currently resides in Los Angeles, California..

This is where Sy lives with his wife of two decades, Helen Sy, and their five children.

What films about Omar Sy?

The Frenchman appeared in 80 productions, both as the main character and in minor papers. But without a doubt, the most important film so far Intocableswas included in the comedy and drama released in 2011. In it, he played Driss, a young man from a poor neighborhood who looks after a four-year-old aristocrat, which earned him the French Academy of Film’s Cesar Award for Best Actor.

Indeed, among their most popular titles Jurassic World th Jurassic World: Dominion, where he shared roles with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. He also gave up his voice on Hot Rod. Transformers: El Hltimo Caballero. En tanto, en Llamada de lo Salvaje shared roles with Harrison Ford.

Although I never stopped working in French cinema, among the productions mentioned All Black (2020), Father and soldier (2022) Police (2020).

What are the Lupine actor’s next projects?

One of the greatest works created by the hands of the future Omar Sy is Clarence’s book. It is an epic with religious overtones in which “while trying to find a better life, Clarence is warned by the power of the Messiah in the ascension and is willing to risk everything to open the way to a divine existence.” In this film he will share roles with Benedict Cumberbatch, James McAvoy, LaKeith Stanfield, David Oyevolo and the always impressive Alfre Woodard.

Indeed, post-production is a Hollywood remake of revived director John Woo’s cult film. Murderer. Indeed, the same Dutch director will take on the role of director of the film, which, in addition to Sai, also appears on its list with Nathalie Emmanuel, Diana Silvers, Said Taghmaoui and Aurelia Agel.

These titles sum up Omar’s work with director Joe Carnahan: Shadow Power. In the story, “a separate couple with a bounty on their heads must be with their boyfriend to avoid meeting their old co-worker. A secret operations unit has been sent to Matarlo.” Kerry Washington and Mark Strong also appear on the list.

Other titles that prepare an actor: A case of strangers th Le Chat Rabbi. The first is in post-production, the second is in pre-production.

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