Megan Thee Stallion has a “funny girl fall” with “cocks” and a “big mouth”

Our pick for last year’s most infamous cameo came from the Disney Channel. She-Hulk: Lawyer. Noanother one besides rap star Megan Thee Stallion came to the Marvel show, playing her version and twerking at the end of the episode. She only had a couple of … Read more

An amazing comedy starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that you can’t miss on Netflix.

A must-see comedy starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is currently premiering on Netflix. When we think of the fools of modern Hollywood, some of the most famous are Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, who will always be remembered for their lives as Mia and … Read more

celebrate 10 films of Hollywood stars

Leonardo DiCaprio I have been recognized in Hollywood for a career of over 30 years. For his work in On Regression, the actor was awarded not an Oscar, but a Globo de Ouro and a BAFTA. But his resume stands on par with his other … Read more