I just love it and love this book so much, Netflix movies are some of the best things in movie history.

After becoming a prominent figure in the mumblecore scene, Greta Gerwig captured the public’s attention with her memorable performance in Woody Allen’s Para Roma, Com Amor, followed by a soulful performance in Frances Ha, a collaboration with her creative and informative parseiro, Noah Baumbach. They are not just trying to gain a foothold in the film industry, but are also paving the way to explore their direction, as evidenced by such famous films as Nights and Weekends and the acclaimed Lady Bird. With an ongoing career and ascension, and an ever-improving creative perspective, Greta seized the chance to bring to life a vibrant new adaptation of Charming Mulheres, bringing freshness to a timeless narrative with a modern sensibility.

From Louisa May Alcott’s literary classic, The Charming Mulhers, a story based on her many cinematic interpretations, including the recent 1994 version starring Winona Ryder, features unique Gerwig-inspired storytelling. The film, which guaranteed Greta critical acclaim and an Oscar for Best Actress, has been brought to life since early March with a delicacy that honors the essence of the original. Set in the turmoil of the Civil War as the absent patriarch. The story unfolds with matriarch Marmee (Laura Dern) and her four fils, each of whom embodies a distinct spirit and unique approach to life, love and art.

Laurie’s charming and wealthy friend (Timothée Chalamet) returns as a central figure in the marriage dynamics, especially with Jo (Saoirse Ronan), a determined and critical writer with ties to traditional marriages. In contrast, we see the various nuances of the romantic aspirations of Meg (Emma Watson), the artistic songs of Amy (Florence Pugh), a European aristocrat, and the developing romance of Beth (Eliza Scanlen), a musician with a heart that still keeps her from the plates you take her to. you touch.

“Adoráveis ​​Mulheres” is more than just a story; This is an insightful study of young people navigating the stormy seas of love, each challenging ardent children and confronting uncompromising realities. In the presence of Meryl Streep, adopting the character of Tia March, she adds an aristocratic complexity to the dress, enhancing the emotional diversity that the film brings to her.

The visual triumph of the film is perfectly demonstrated by the figure created by the talented Jacqueline Durran. The palette of cores doesn’t add to the narrative tones, but serves as an extension of the characters’ individuality, from Joe’s fiery red, symbolizing her indomavellian nature, to Meg’s sweet green, reflecting a certain ingenuity. Careful examination of Amy and Beth’s cores completes the visualization, providing a spectacle that gives them as much pleasure as a symbolic representation of their daily lives.

Greta Gerwig’s decision to shoot on 35mm film, inspired by Steven Spielberg’s suggestion, brings a timeless quality to the cinematography. Each dinner sparkles with the authenticity of natural light, a tribute to the director’s commitment to re-imagining an era with the dedication of a Renaissance artist. “Adoráveis ​​Mulheres” truly brings together not just a classic domanageme, but a work that, while weighed down by its recent love, embraces the viewer with the comfort and familiarity of a close friend.

Taken together, Adoráveis ​​Mulheres is a cinematic celebration that captures the essence of human life through love, loss, art and love. Despite Greta Gerwig’s sensitive direction, the film is not simply a reconstruction of a bygone era, but rather an expression of modern aspirations, reflected with sincerity and energy in its two hours and two minutes.

Movies: Adoraways Mulheres
Control: Greta Gerwig
Anus: 2019
Son-in-law: Romance/Drama
Note: 10/10

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