SCAD student behind the scenes of the screening of “May-December”

The world’s largest collegiate film festival in Savannah is in full swing and will feature one of the most anticipated films of the week. The 2023 SCAD Film Festival began last Saturday and runs through October 28th with May-December. The film premieres on Monday at … Read more

An amazing comedy starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling that you can’t miss on Netflix.

A must-see comedy starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is currently premiering on Netflix. When we think of the fools of modern Hollywood, some of the most famous are Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, who will always be remembered for their lives as Mia and … Read more

The best images of Julianne Moore

These things are as they are Julianne Moore he has accumulated many awards and good criticism, but there is no doubt that his good taste and superb style are little talked about. In the red shadow, on the streets of New York, London or Los … Read more

The new law is the best in Hollywood

American film star Julianne Moore directed by Bart Freundlich 20 years ago. Don’t forget to find out more. food-cookie-icon Behind the glance of all the friendly omrezhi, you can squeal the friendly omrezhi. Help your squeaker 62-year-old gamer Julianne Moore in the director Bart Freundlich … Read more