SCAD student behind the scenes of the screening of “May-December”

The world’s largest collegiate film festival in Savannah is in full swing and will feature one of the most anticipated films of the week. The 2023 SCAD Film Festival began last Saturday and runs through October 28th with May-December. The film premieres on Monday at … Read more

Which actor with an impressive physique will play Hercules in Disney films? The Great Rumor of the Moment – Actus Ciné

Disney insiders will be in talks with two actors to play Hercules and the satirical Philoctetes in Guy Ritchie’s live-action version of Hercules. Even though Disney is celebrating its centennial and is excited about the original animated film Wish – Asha and the Good Star, … Read more

Jessica Chastain joins Morelia with the help of actors union SAG-AFTRA for 100th Color Day.

MORELIA, Mexico — At the Morelia International Film Festival, Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain covered up what many Hollywood stars have been unable to achieve for months: she took to the stage in red shade and took part in a conference, a regular event, before being … Read more

El Mallorquin Josep Antoni Ribas Rosselló participates in the Evolution festival

El Mallorquín serves as director of “The Nerd Driver”, a film with CEF students. Availability of the island this year Josep Antoni Ribas Rosselló This is in International Film Festival “Evolution” in Mallorca This is for double play. El Mallorquin, visual effects artist in caliber … Read more