Amigas Para Can you always reproduce the sequence? The manager answers

The film marks the first feature film starring Britney Spears, Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning.

Story Crossroads: Amigas Para Semper (2002) a sequel may follow, according to the director Tamra Davis. This film became the first full-length film to be extended over Britney Spearson the side Zoe Saldana AND Taryn Manning.

+++ LEIAH MAYS: “Crossroads: Friends Forever” starring Britney Spears will return to our cinemas

Recent interview Entertainment Weekly, Davis revived the idea of ​​a new story, as people involved in the 2002 plot like Shonda Rhimeswhich is short or long. No, for now, Spears The green left die is not included in the list.

You are Ann Carley (producer) conversou com Shonda (Rhimes) above the algorithm, and Shonda Have an idea and then you will know if it will be continued. Currently estou trabalhando com Van Toffler, who was the producer of the project (…). It seems so(Britney Spears) you’re not very interested in doing this again”

Corn is higher Crossroads: Amigas Para Semper (2002)

Written Shonda Rhimesor a movie with a story Lucy (Britney Spears)a middle-aged student who goes on a trip with his childhood best friends. Kit (Zoe Saldana) AND Mimi (Taryn Manning) in search of himself and his distant mother in interpretation Kim Cattrall.

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