Rosalia and Penelope Cruz do stupid things in Vogue magazine

Now it has become fashionable in major magazines, seen by famous people, to toast our “unique conversations.” They are truly “unique” because they demonstrate that many of our most iconic artists are missing the Pope. buddy kilogram, or cerebral rigo, or para veranos, I’m like one who quiera lamarlo.

Besuguism can be learned. Nothing feeds on anything anymore. No person is as intellectually degraded as a conversation in an elevator.returning to the usual places without putting forward a single sincere idea to this extent, nor even a minimally sympathetic story that would take us three seconds after death.

Silence is a fantastic invention for harmless people. It is estimated to be rarely used.

Portada Rosalia for Vogue.

Portada Rosalia for Vogue.

He was thinking about business Rosaliabrought Fashioninterview por Penelope Cruz: here we sit beautifully all day in this these two lost a golden opportunity to call themselves. Podian haberle dikho a Fashion that no, that there is further ahead, that it is “remotely impossible”, that it is too late for them to drive a car or hold a diamond in their horn. But they said, “Why not?, I’ll go replenish the rat in the void,” they listened to the external internal call and accepted the offer, through a webcam for sure, nothing except that in the interview there was a little color, however, of humanity.

Please read the article several times to believe it. Watch the words of two of the world’s most iconic Spaniards and less often your routine conversations with taxi drivers in Madrid or your diatribes with the pelukers, the true queens of radical oratory.

If Penelope and Rosalia saw so many things vividly, why don’t they try to turn it into interesting results?

We ask you why people who do not know how to speak (and decide, do not know how to think) can once again head deep offices that are dear to the public. Well, it’s clear that you have Herculean work behind you here. Powerful words to appear to the general public (who are dirty) as literate, obedient, friendly and chewy. And I’m sure you have an intuition. A very talented coarse cleaner that fits into it. Main threades deir, point return to diplomacy, which is the least brilliant form of politeness. and evocative, the most soporific and tiring.

There are never stories that Penelope Cruz and Rosalia are extraordinary women, wild Spanish beauties, with lively nerves and our imaginary and sentimental hair. That’s why it was so disappointing to see how much Charlan sounded like a man talking in a bar: the dialectical atmosphere was completely slow and tiresome, vulgar, tense, unbearable.

Realizing that they are now trying to drown out the pain of the interview, they zealously fall into extremism, taking advantage of the viral bait. They want to fit in, look like good people, always appeal to the bottom (emotional pornography, for example, “how much I want my family” or “we come from the humblest home”, classics of the most beloved songs request) and do not want to be stingy so as not to to bother Nadya and so that they would not be offended on the road. What they didn’t understand is that you are a harmless artist and not an artist.

Based on this paradox: artists dilute or sweeten their discussion to get it right, but when they do, they end up asking a bad question because he is never at the height of his intelligence. If they are ententecen, if they are humiliated, if they are infantilized.

From all this we say: “This is my most personal work”, “In everything I am a luchador’s man”, “I am proud to work with my teachers”, “Love is the greatest thing that exists on earth”, “I admire many women,” “I respect many of my professional comrades,” and that deplorable seamstress gilipolleces, with the result that they break down at the moment when they offer the most important thing an artist has: his own look, his own verb, his imprint, his character, his special attention to the world.

Involuntary stupidity is sad, but volitional stupidity is barbaric.


If from another detail: both constantly remember their origins, but make sure that they do not retreat, because they are sold on pizpyretism, on creativity, on rebellion. They say they are local, but they speak like representatives of the elite, like politicians, trying not to decide anything. The sin of purez. No scandal. Adiestradas.


This is how life goes on in this charla between Rosalia and Penelope: telling one of the other’s charms that “they only paint their lips”, considering that they love what chiquititas love, what their fathers force them to do, what in their houses she always listened to “a lot of music” and that motherhood was a “very good” thing. Finally die. Note that Cruz documented his interview a little higher. It should be noted that we do not know that a bad meeting is always the work of the barren child from whom we are born, from whom we are born crippled by measure.

Prayer is a form of love, so to ask you need to know a little about the interlocutor and work with him to demonstrate that he wants to know the rest. To pray, you can be generous and seductive from time to time. Give the best to yourself so you can get the best from others. That’s why the nature of the interview is so wonderful. So to explore this… let’s make a journalist.

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