One of Will Smith’s biggest bids for a second life… is it worth it?

This Will Smith movie was a huge success in 2019, and the Netflix meeting was a big success.

Bad Boys, independence Day, Men in Black, I am a robot, Hitch, I’m a legend, Suicide Squad… Will Smith’s career has largely developed at the box office, where he once established himself as one of the most successful actors in post-90s Hollywood. Most people are not untouchables and so on. These huge sentences are on my resume..

I am Wild Wild West in 1999, After Earth in 2013 and the very last day of 2019 in the film where you have Don’t go beyond Will Smith, here we are dealing with the story of your life with Gage and the clone. Author: Ang Lee. Gemini Man It was a great salon bidet with its revolutionary technological ambitions.

In 2023, thanks to Netflix, Gemini Man, as well as Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Clive Owen, who have the right to a second life. Worthy?

Gemini Man: photo by Will SmithVery bad boy

C’est quoi man twin?

There is a project that originated in the late 90s and is now going through the main stages of implementation. Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Cage, Sean Connery or even Clint Eastwood before it was created with Will Smith. Imagined by Darren Lemke in 1997, “Before I Leave”. Gemini Man think about a simple idea: always make the decision to stop, a tueur à gage doit confronter son clone25 years and younger.

The project was quickly launched by the Disney studio under the leadership of Tony Scott (Best shooter, Real love) about the coup. I know it’s more difficult with a crazier idea. And if there are two people performed by the same actorand a young version is created Thanks to your makeup and/or visual effects?

Gemini man: photoGemini man: photoWill vs Smith

Over the years, these ambitions have been discussed and tested with several writers (Andrew Niccol, Jonathan Hensley, David Benioff) and directors (Mel Gibson, Joe Carnahan, Curtis Hanson) without success.

In 2016, Skydance Media studio (co-producer de plusieurs The task is impossible) to restore the project, and after its launch together with Paramount. Ang Lee, double Oscar winner The Mystery of Brokeback Mountain and etc. L’Odyssey de Pywhich will be chosen by the director and Will Smith will be chosen among the fouls.

l’un des pires – Will Smith

Gemini Man cat-pre-de $140 million. It grossed 173 million at the box office. While I’m learning to get some parts of the recipes (au mieux, environ 50% in the North American box office), it’s nice and beautiful. per year, estimated at more than 110 million in the era.

C’est one of the best results in Will Smith’s career. Domestic Box Office (Etats-Unis and Canada), Gemini Man it’s a fact: 48 million, soit moins que Sabotage (53 million), After Earth (60 million), etc. Wild Wild West (113 million). At the World Championships the score is also ridiculous, inferior to disaster. Wild Wild West (222 million), et proche du mélodrame September rivalsQui avait coûté… almost three fois moins cher.

Gemini Man: photo by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Will SmithGemini Man: photo by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Will SmithCome on, successes of the 90s

Please note that this large budget is due to two elements:

  • The film was toured HFR (High Frame Rate), 120 images per second (versus 24 hours in normal time) and in 3D. Ang Lee just saw this technology from his previous long-term project. A Day in the Life of Billy Lynn. What changed? Images appear sharper and movements appear smoother.
  • Visual effects for the beloved Will Smith. You are the work to create “Clone Number” by Rajeni de L’Actorand it is expected that it will reach 20-25 million (double Will Smith’s salary, really).

Gemini man: photoGemini man: photoWill Smith in 2019 thanks to the magic of computers

second methods on NETFLIX

Arrived on Netflix Gemini Man find a second way. Au niveau mondo, il est dans top 10 againand currently occupies three positions, behind new ones Reptile and etc. Fair. With over 10 million hours watched, that would also be 5.3 million years ago (or 14 million of the top 2 movies, more of the same).

In France, Gemini Man this is death in prime position for release on Netflix.

Gemini man: photoGemini man: photoReturn of the Prince of Bel-Air

Is it worth it? Gemini Man divided the Ecran Large team, but not because of his son intrigue cousue de fil blancThese are simple characters and uninteresting antagonists. The film’s great interest is its technological ambition and desire use HFR to reinvent life and movement Hollywood action movie. Therefore, the passage on the television screen poses a question.

Remains unselected: Will Smith confrontation. The fifty-year-old actor is retrovenous in his reflection of the magic and his youth to make him repeat his trips and his bodies here in Vielli. To give this action movie a more intimate and unsettling touch, here’s a similar portrait of Will Smith moving past his “myth” in Hollywood.

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