SCAD student behind the scenes of the screening of “May-December”

The world’s largest collegiate film festival in Savannah is in full swing and will feature one of the most anticipated films of the week. The 2023 SCAD Film Festival began last Saturday and runs through October 28th with May-December. The film premieres on Monday at … Read more

Rome Film Festival opens with Paola Cortellesi

AGI – Everything is ready in Rome, where autumn has recently officially entered, with rain and temperatures finally reaching October levels. 18th Rome Film Festival. The publication, the second edition of the Farinelli-Malanga couple, president and artistic director, is unusually autarchic. There are few world … Read more

fifteen villas for his retinue

Chronicle / Lake Saturday, May 27, 2023 VIP tourism Associated with the ruling family of Saudi Arabia. He rented properties on both banks. In Como at the Villa d’Este event His visit, of course, could not remain a secret, if only because of the sequel … Read more