Who is Pedro Almodóvar: a counterculture figure in love with cinema itself

T or to roughly paraphrase one of this director’s most oft-repeated quotes: Pedro Almodóvar was born at a terrible time for Spain, but an extremely exciting time for cinema. Originally from Castile-La Mancha, an arid, landlocked rural region of Spain, Almodóvar was born in 1949 … Read more

All Hollywood stars who are committed to protecting the environment

Not only Leonardo DiCapriofighting global warming has long been a passion That stars Hollywood, who have made environmental protection their personal battle, sharing a series of projects including documentaries and fundraising to give voice to small local communities threatened by climate change. While on the … Read more

fifteen villas for his retinue

Chronicle / Lake Saturday, May 27, 2023 VIP tourism Associated with the ruling family of Saudi Arabia. He rented properties on both banks. In Como at the Villa d’Este event His visit, of course, could not remain a secret, if only because of the sequel … Read more