fifteen villas for his retinue

VIP tourism Associated with the ruling family of Saudi Arabia. He rented properties on both banks. In Como at the Villa d’Este event

His visit, of course, could not remain a secret, if only because of the sequel that he brought to Lake Como. It is impossible not to notice the procession of black Mercedes vans between the villas and resorts of the first pool. More than a hundred faithful followers accompanied the powerful and millionth emir, who landed a few days ago on Lario.


His name is protected as a military secret for understandable security reasons. It is only known that he arrived from Dubai, although he is closely associated with the royal family of Saudi Arabia, on a luxurious aircraft equipped with a suite, kitchen and every comfort. With him were his family and staff, including a small army of bodyguards. And a large group of medical specialists equipped with equipment and devices capable of providing round-the-clock assistance to the illustrious patient.

Uncertainty is also about the place he would choose as his home. It seems that the emir wanted to book an exclusive five-star luxury hotel, which he had to refuse due to the presence of numerous tourists on the lake. Among the circulating rumors, the most reliable are the concerns “Villa Trubetskoy” and “Villa Calvi di Blevio”, which only yesterday seemed very popular thanks to black vans. A great coming and going that didn’t go unnoticed by the locals.

His retinue, however, would have been “spread” over fifteen villas located on both sides of the lake. Also because the vision of the emir will still not be lightning fast. He reportedly arrived in Como to take part in two events: last Wednesday at the Louis Vuitton Cruise fashion show on Isola Bella, one of the New York Times’ most important fashion shows of the year. Cate Blanchett was among the guests at the event. Emma Stone, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Jennifer Connelly, Catherine Deneuve and Oprah Winfrey. And then Madonna and Leonardo DiCaprio, who, along with other celebrities, make up one of the largest concentrations of international stars to have recently been spotted in Italy.

The Arab prince’s choice to be based in Lario, rather than Lake Maggiore, is tied to a second appointment: Dior’s haute couture jewelry preview scheduled from June 2 to 8 at Villa d’Este, with many fashion implications in other exclusive venues.

It is likely, given the rank and available budget, that the French house already has a special “slot” in its calendar to show the Saudi family the most precious pieces of the new collection.


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