BARCELONA – MILAN | BARCELONA Here’s the lineup for Barcelona vs Milan

Broadcast at 15:17

Central European Summer Time

Xavi Hernandez’s squad is known for today’s 05:00 CET Barcelona-Milan clash, andMeeting held at Faithful Stadium in Las Vegasthe massive home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders, which seats 65,000 spectators.

barça face Team USA’s final preseason friendlyThe tour had already suffered a setback in Game 1, with the match against Juventus suspended after a gastroenteritis outbreak during Curry’s expedition. Now, after the classic win, Xavi is looking forward to his second win at the stadium.

Coach Terrassa chose These ten players will beat Milan in a duel involving regulars And other names that didn’t appear in this North American preseason title.

Here’s Barca’s eleventh headliner

Inaki Pena, Conte, Araujo, Eric García, Marcos Alonso, Oriol Romeu, Pedri, Fermin, Abud, Rafini Asia, Ferran.

5:00am CET, confrontation between the two sides FC Barcelona and FC MilanIt was the last game of the Catalan team’s tour of the United States.

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