Priscilla Presley, the queen of rock and roll in 7 images from the “Elvis era”

“Story Priscilla Presley I was very interested and always wanted to explore her point of view as a former teenager who grew up in Graceland. She went through all the stages of her youth in a world much larger than herself, a bit like Marie Antoinette in her time.”

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So in an interview Sofia Coppola explains the reasons that led her to directing PriscillaBiopic of Priscilla Presley based on memories Elvis and me written in 1985 by the ex-wife of the rock and roll legend along with Sandra Harmon.

The film will hit theaters in the US next October, but will be presented The premiere took place in Italy in September. on the occasion of the 80th Venice Film Festival exactly one year afterElvis Baz Luhrmann, who completely changes his point of view and tells a harrowing love story with the King from the point of view of Priscilla Ann Wagner Beaulieu. She was only 14 when she met 24-year-old Elvis in Germany in 1959. They then married in 1967 and divorced in 1973. From their relationship was born Lisa Marie (who passed away last January).

The charm of the couple was expressed, first of all, in clothes, and they became a symbol of a bright and seductive era. Elvis beams, but Priscilla confronts him, showing off a series of looks that make her husband’s outfits uncomfortable. The impeccable (and stratospheric) 60s hairdo, angelic face, translucent skin, and eyes permanently marked with eyeliner give each of her outfits a uniquely glamorous aura.

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His style is always on top demonstrates a fashion sense that continues to this day (remember how she paid tribute to Elvis at Cannes in 2022 by appearing in a lavish pajama suit, or when she opened a luxury boutique in Los Angeles in the 70s, Bis and Bo frequented by celebrities such as Liza Minnelli and Cher).

Today, Priscilla’s status as a style icon lives on, inspiring musicians like Lana Del Rey and, more recently, actresses like Anne Hathaway. To imitate or simply sigh in front of his legendary Elvis era ensembles, here are the best images of the queen of rock and roll (a title that rightfully belongs to her) with whom we can’t help but fall in love all over again.

Nice Dress (1963)

Priscilla moved to Memphis in 1963. It’s a look in the mood of Mrs. Elvis, chosen for a journey and a change of life: a sixties-style cape dress paired with long leather gloves and a matching purse, a pompous sacrament and a little dog with bows that become part of the look, ahead of Paris Hilton by decades.

Wedding dress (1967)

Priscilla married the King on May 1, 1967 at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. While he was wearing a suit Paisley, Priscilla showed off a whimsical yet simple wedding dress, long and beaded tulle sleeves paired with a three-foot veil adorned with a rhinestone tiara. The dress was purchased at Westwood’s department store in Los Angeles during a shopping tour and secret fitting.

Patchwork Dress (1973)

Priscilla Presley and Elvis divorced in 1973: the image she chose to go to court reflects the era of the seventies: this coat dress patchwork typical of the decade. These two, despite the separation, remained on good terms for the sake of their daughter, until the death of a rock star in 1977.

Holiday Dress (1968)

Happy couple moment on vacation in Hawaii. Summer look of Priscilla consists of graphic floral print dress and a white turban, really chic.

A-line dress (1967)

Returning from her honeymoon in a private jet, Priscilla looks radiant.and her a-line dress white crew neck with contrasting maxi bow, beaded shoulder bag and T-bar shoes.

#Barbiecore dress (1968)

How you can look good after childbirth, we, the modern ones, knew only with Kate Middleton. But much earlier, it was Priscilla who demonstrated that it is possible to be glamorous and perfect even immediately after the birth of a child. And that’s why she looks amazing in her pink Barbie dress, signature ’60s makeup and gravity-defying hair. Just iconic.

One Shoulder Dress (1965)

To meet Tom Jones, Welsh music legend and friend of Elvis, Priscilla woreone shoulder black dress very simple and elegant suitable in her husband’s dark suit.

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