The video director of the singer Toxic spoke in detail about how the actor broke up with her and how she reacted to this news

Justin Timberlake’s post Britney Spears breakup was revealed by her former video director Chris Applebaum after she revealed he dumped her via text. Chris, now 53, who has also worked with Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, detailed the moment of Justin’s split from the … Read more

The new law is the best in Hollywood

American film star Julianne Moore directed by Bart Freundlich 20 years ago. Don’t forget to find out more. food-cookie-icon Behind the glance of all the friendly omrezhi, you can squeal the friendly omrezhi. Help your squeaker 62-year-old gamer Julianne Moore in the director Bart Freundlich … Read more

Who is Pedro Almodóvar: a counterculture figure in love with cinema itself

T or to roughly paraphrase one of this director’s most oft-repeated quotes: Pedro Almodóvar was born at a terrible time for Spain, but an extremely exciting time for cinema. Originally from Castile-La Mancha, an arid, landlocked rural region of Spain, Almodóvar was born in 1949 … Read more

Stars shone at TIFF 2023 parties

The opening weekend of the Toronto International Film Festival is usually 72 hours of screenings and festivities, which this year, for well-publicized reasons, was decidedly quieter. However, with less attention paid to the maelstrom of Hollywood megastars, there was an opportunity for a few important … Read more

the director’s best films

Variety 1962, David Fincher This director and producer An American who is considered by the industry press (for example, the prestigious Entertainment Weekly magazine) to be one of the most versatile directors in the history of cinema. Fincher was born in Denver and began to … Read more

‘Bride for Hire’ Available on Blu-ray and Digital: Here’s the Featurette – Film News

With a short film girlfriend for rentcomedy Gene Stupnitsky starring Oscar-winning actress Jennifer LawrenceSony Pictures says that the film is available not only in digital format, but also on Blu-ray. Stupnitsky also co-wrote the screenplay with John Phillips, which stars Andrew Bart Feldman, Laura Benanti, … Read more