‘Divinity’ Review: Sci-Fi Film Sells Immortality

Sold in a shiny glass bottle and advertised on television, immortality has become a commodity in the hedonistic dystopia Divinity, the stunning new film from writer-director Eddie Alcazar. His handcrafted sci-fi nightmare imagines a future in which the artificial elixir for which the film is … Read more

Bella’s books: Millie Bobby Brown’s debut, The Nineteen Steps – review

Bella Fry is a Wellington teenager who reviews young adult books for her Canvas column. Nineteen steps This is Millie Bobby Brown’s debut book, co-written by ghostwriter Kathleen McGurl. It’s about An 18-year-old girl named Nellie who had a completely normal and pleasant life before … Read more

Todd Haynes: “I’m interested in complexity” | Imma Merino | San Sebastia | Movie

Imma Merino – San Sebastia There is no doubt that Todd Haynes is one of the great current film directors, in fact, he considers them part of a collaborative effort in which they are willing to explore human complexity. The names Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett … Read more

‘Bride for Hire’ Available on Blu-ray and Digital: Here’s the Featurette – Film News

With a short film girlfriend for rentcomedy Gene Stupnitsky starring Oscar-winning actress Jennifer LawrenceSony Pictures says that the film is available not only in digital format, but also on Blu-ray. Stupnitsky also co-wrote the screenplay with John Phillips, which stars Andrew Bart Feldman, Laura Benanti, … Read more