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There is no doubt that Todd Haynes is one of the great current film directors, in fact, he considers them part of a collaborative effort in which they are willing to explore human complexity. The names Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet, among others, are known as Natalie Portman, producer May, DecemberThis meant that the North American director returned to San Sebasti (to become president of the official jury in 2013 and present other films with the highest sense of competition ever) to accompany the company’s project “Dry Perlak”. “Natalie, I’m going to suggest that I make a movie so that I have a written guide, so I think this story has interested me. So why do these characters work to explore the complexities of human ambiguity, as well as the relationships that can fuel family structures, the ones that have to do with Natalie and Julianne Moore, which require a lot of vegas here, Haynes says. he is going to comment on one of the many presentations he has given in San Sebastier to promote his new film, which will be presented in Canes and will also be shown outside the Spanish summer in the finale of “anyone”.

The story is based on a real case that needs to be scandalized (the Spanish title explains: Secrets of the scandal) els EUA a primer dels últims Anys Nonta: Mary Kay Letourneau, a professor in the thirty-year-old home of three children, was convicted on suspicion of maintaining a sexual relationship with one of her three students, Vili Fualaau, from a Korean family; If we believe that even with all the fillers, the connection should continue until her death in 2020. By turning May Kay into Gracie (Julianne Moore) and Wiley into Joe (Charles Melton), Haynes is also able to continue the film’s freedom: “It has inspiration, but the film doesn’t want to reconstruct a real-life situation.” First introduced is the character of an actress (Natalie Portman) who, after the fetsa, wants to interpret with great precision (I first asked Gracie) the “scandalous” woman at the start of the film relació amb l’adolescent. “Through representation, those who stand back from life and contemplate the difficulty of reconstructing real life realize that it is preceded by the sensationalism of the television series,” Haynes points out.

The director admits that in the film I made it clear that one of the seven sources of inspiration is HumanIngmar Bergman, in which he created a vampiric relationship based on the exchange of personalities between a nurse (Alma) and a patient (the anonymous actress Elizabeth, with Portman and May, December. In a sense, Haynes’ vampiress (as I did in the scoreEl missatger, Joseph Losey, written for Michel Legrand) Bergman; However, the filmmaker doesn’t believe he has a possessive relationship between Elizabeth and wife Gracie: “He has an actress who approaches someone to represent the newspaper. Hence, this is a guide to learning interpretive methods. What happens is that upon contact, they both lose balance. I also found that Elizabeth had some destructive effects in conversation or posture that emphasized the dissatisfaction of Joe, who, like her fillers, had turned the house into a grand marxen to live a life with boys she never knew.”

Unlike Haynes’s other films, like Lluny del Rai or CarolBoth women are subject to male dominance, from which they are able or unable to free themselves, May, December a male person is the one who can change, so he is the most fragile: “They are the coolest experimenters. By the way, Gracie, I have done so much to preserve the institution of family. Even in a family as atypical as this one, normativity is imposed. Let’s not forget that women said that it is they who make many decisions in the domestic sphere, if you want to say, they maintain order.”

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