Everyone understood who the “ogre” who was in the darkness was! • Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Writer Muhammad Al-Saed revealed the targets of the bloody Al-Aqsa flood, which claimed the lives of thousands of Palestinians. Loss of life Al-Saed said in his article titled “What will come after the Al-Aqsa flood?” Published in the newspaper “Okaz”: Mahmoud Al-Zahar, one … Read more

“Our bitterness has eased.” Abdo Khal responds to those who believe Hamas won the Gaza war and reveals the true goal of the Israeli ceasefire agreement

Al-Marsad newspaper: writer Abdo Khal commented on Israel’s approval of the truce in Gaza and Hamas’ belief that it has won the war that has been ongoing since October 7, in an article titled “Another Hamas blow” on Okaz newspaper. Hamas has extinguished our bitterness … Read more

After the acquittal… reveal the reasons for the conviction of the mother who killed her son, cooked his corpse and ate it in Egypt

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Zagazig Criminal Court in Egypt has revealed the reason for the conviction of the woman who killed her baby, cooked his body parts and ate them. A defect in clairvoyance In issuing its ruling, the court relied on a medical report examining … Read more

Bella’s books: Millie Bobby Brown’s debut, The Nineteen Steps – review

Bella Fry is a Wellington teenager who reviews young adult books for her Canvas column. Nineteen steps This is Millie Bobby Brown’s debut book, co-written by ghostwriter Kathleen McGurl. It’s about An 18-year-old girl named Nellie who had a completely normal and pleasant life before … Read more

Ponsonby mourns Lasagna, Buddy, Oscar and “Ed Sheeran” – the ginger cat who loved.

Ponsonby, the famous feisty cat who loved to hang out in bars, restaurants, pharmacies and law firms, has died. Ponsonby businesses are mourning one of their proudest customers. The famous ginger cat known as Lasagna, Ed Sheeran, Oscar and Buddy had to be put down … Read more

Bid for Oakland A League team: Who’s behind surprise late bid, American billionaire and EPL/NHL owner?

An American billionaire who owns an English Premier League team and an NHL franchise has expressed interest in taking control of a proposed new Oakland A. League team. License for expansion command, due to start in the 2024-25 season, has been available since March when … Read more