After the acquittal… reveal the reasons for the conviction of the mother who killed her son, cooked his corpse and ate it in Egypt

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Zagazig Criminal Court in Egypt has revealed the reason for the conviction of the woman who killed her baby, cooked his body parts and ate them.

A defect in clairvoyance

In issuing its ruling, the court relied on a medical report examining the defendant’s mental state, which showed that she suffered from poor insight, poor judgment and a lack of appreciation for the gravity of her situation. . the heinous crime she committed had simply been a mistake that required the payment of blood money in exchange for her release and completion of the rest.Her life, confirming that the accused, as was evident from her behavior, suffered from a thought disorder, especially in the period following the divorce from her husband. According to Al

She indicated that the accused was behaving strangely, driven by medical fears for her son, to the point that her fears increased that someone might poison her and her son, so she left the family home and resided with her son in a abandoned house devoid of the most basic components of human life.

Multiple sclerosis

He explained that the defendant’s medical examination confirmed the appearance of multiple foci of signal changes, which may indicate multiple sclerosis, and among its symptoms include the appearance of mental and psychological imbalances, delusions, hallucinations and dull feelings.

She added that the defendant killed her son because she wanted to keep him for herself, and she was afraid and even terrified that her ex-husband would try to take him, so she prepared an ax that was located in her residence, closed the doors of the house , and she was alone with the victim, taking advantage of his reassurance towards her and his calmness in her presence, so she ignored him and hit his head three times. With a stick, she took away his life, then she dismembered his body and hid it.

He continued, the dismembered body parts were found in a plastic bucket hidden inside a closet, and the defendant said she ate her son and put him back in her stomach.

The court had acquitted the 37-year-old mother of killing her son and eating his body parts after cooking them and admitted her to a psychiatric nursing home.

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