Surprising reaction from a YouTuber at Cristiano and Nadal’s restaurant

There are more and more athlete In addition to spending time and money on athletic preparation, they advocate invest exist Business This can give them certain Cost-effectiveness when eliminate His professional dedication.Hotels, clothing brands, gyms or companies are some examples, among which are also prominent Restaurant. Dine with Pablois a famous YouTuber who visits various food outlets to provide his opinions to his over 600,000 subscribers, Visited Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal’s restaurants. And the price he paid surprised him.

Located in the city center Castellana Avenue, Toto This is the signature of the restaurant co-founded by the Portuguese star and Nadal. As the video anchor said, Christianity fell in love with someone Restaurant exist Italy and decide Bringing chefs to the heart of Madrid, Spain. Here, with Balearic tennis players (and Rudy Fernandez, Pau Gasol and Enrique Iglesias) Founded the business.

Judging from the pictures and video descriptions, Toto has enviable facilities. As Pablo emphasizes, the restaurant is located in a large area with a large display area and a “super elegant” bathroom. “This is a striking restaurant”said the protagonist of the video.

According to the publication, Rafael Nadal was in the restaurant when cameras enteredBut the channel owner did not notice the time he entered the restaurant and missed the opportunity to say hello to him.

What’s it like to eat at Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafa Nadal’s restaurant?

After introducing the restaurant and showing viewers the menu, the YouTuber tastes a range of dishes in the video: From lasagna to carbonara, “the star dish of the restaurant”. Of course, the price “They are not cheap at all“. In a place as prestigious as “La Castellana”, the property should not come cheap to its owners. “This is typically the most elegant restaurant with high purchasing power”Pablo explained on the channel.

Don’t hesitate to criticize things you don’t likehe influencer and their companions tasted a variety of dishes until reaching dessert, where they also sampled the different options offered by the Athlete’s Restaurant.

Surprising reaction from a YouTuber at Cristiano and Nadal’s restaurant
Dinner with Pablo and dishes from Toto, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafa Nadal Restaurant (Fo)

Nearly 200 euros appeared in the account when making the payment. “Dine in a very cool place with charming service. You can see them taking care of him here. “highlighting the YouTuber.

But after seeing this figure, the protagonist was surprised: The manager covered the expenses and was able to enjoy a trip to Toto at zero cost!


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