“Our bitterness has eased.” Abdo Khal responds to those who believe Hamas won the Gaza war and reveals the true goal of the Israeli ceasefire agreement

Al-Marsad newspaper: writer Abdo Khal commented on Israel’s approval of the truce in Gaza and Hamas’ belief that it has won the war that has been ongoing since October 7, in an article titled “Another Hamas blow” on Okaz newspaper. Hamas has extinguished our bitterness … Read more

“We are tired of theorizing and we are tired of verbal heroism.” Al-Rashed responds to Al-Dakhil after the latter commented on his article “Between Peace and Arms” with Israel!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Journalist Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed responded to political analyst Khaled Al-Dakhil, after the latter commented on his article “Between Peace and Arms” on the X platform. Al-Dakhil stressed that the Arabs failed to make peace with Israel because the latter did not recognize the … Read more

Know your size, mouse.. Tweeters open fire on Lebanese ‘Weam Wahhab’ after he insults and threatens Arab rulers

Al-Marsad newspaper: Some tweeters on the “X” platform opened fire on the former Lebanese minister and terrorist ally of Hezbollah, Wiam Wahhab, after he had insulted Arab rulers and threatened them to ruin their country if they did not paid the price of rebuilding Lebanon … Read more

Look…a Kuwaiti political analyst responds to the media’s demonization campaign against the UAE and Saudi Arabia…and wonders why Iran’s inaction isn’t criticized and Turkey isn’t asked to withdraw its ambassador from Israel

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti political analyst, Dr. Fahd Al-Shulaimi, commented on the military clashes in Gaza, after Hamas carried out the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation from October 7 to today. He stated in a video posted on his account on the “X” platform: “Hamas started the attack … Read more

Kim Kardashian told how Kanye West reacted to the fact that the star hired a male nanny for his children

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue to raise children after their divorce. Photo / AP Kim Kardashian has made a big family decision that she was reportedly “afraid” to tell her ex-husband Kanye West about. Appeared in the latest episode of Hulu. KardashianThe reality star … Read more

What to do in Colombia in 2023: from bustling streets to hidden corners of the Amazon

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The coolest looks of the week: from Pamela Anderson to Andrew Garfield

The coat was painted in shades of pink. There was an Andrew Garfield suit, complete with a terracotta blouse with a bow (untied), and a Florence Pugh jacket, a blush jacket that goes with everything. Penn Badgley also got the outerwear memo: a must-have skimmer, … Read more