“We are tired of theorizing and we are tired of verbal heroism.” Al-Rashed responds to Al-Dakhil after the latter commented on his article “Between Peace and Arms” with Israel!

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Journalist Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed responded to political analyst Khaled Al-Dakhil, after the latter commented on his article “Between Peace and Arms” on the X platform.

Al-Dakhil stressed that the Arabs failed to make peace with Israel because the latter did not recognize the Palestinians’ right to an independent state despite the normalization of 6 Arab countries.

they are not against Weapon

Al-Rashed responded by saying: Khaled, my proposal is direct and easy, I am not against weapons if there is a State capable of recovering the occupied territories by force, but there is no State and the balance of forces confirms more defeats.

He explained that in seventy years no war or numerous suicide operations have achieved victory and that Israel is militarily superior and supported by a superpower.

He asked: Are you asking Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Algeria to fight Israel?

Loss Arabs Their lands

He replied: Is this what the Jordanians did when they followed Abdel Nasser and lost half their country? The Syrians did so and lost the Golan and Tiberias. Did Abdel Nasser himself follow the path and instead of liberating Palestine he lost Sinai, which is three times larger than Israel? Abdel Nasser then began to receive Rogers, the American Secretary of State, in the hope of obtaining an agreement to exchange land for peace.

Backwards Lands With peace

Al-Rashed added: My brother, there are limits to power and limits to adventures. Egypt regained all its lands in the Camp David negotiations.

It continues: Arafat returned from Tunisia with 120,000 Palestinians and recovered part of the West Bank and all of Gaza with the Oslo Accords. Jordan retook Wadi Araba with its agreement. Through negotiations, after the failure of the weapons, Lebanon shared the oil market and the borders with Israel.

He added: Israel, which is a brutal occupying state, is not generous, but because it realizes that its most important interests, economic and security, lie in consensus. Why doesn’t Israel present peace plans? Since she is the occupant, the opposite is expected.

Plans HI no come true

He added: Regarding peace, the two parties missed many opportunities. King Fahd presented an initiative in Fez, but the leftist Arabs attacked him at the time, and he was forced to withdraw it. King Abdullah presented his plan and Israel rejected it. Ehud Barak and Clinton adopted a plan in 2000 that would complete Oslo with a state with East Jerusalem as its capital. Hamas launched massive killing operations and ruined it, the same project that Hamas later said it was ready to accept if it were brought back to the table!

agitation And Netanyahu And sabotage peace

He added: The truth is that Hamas and Netanyahu participated in sabotaging the peace processes. Every time a project was proposed, Hamas and those who opposed it destroyed it, and now you are witnessing the October 7 operation that took place to thwart the promised new project. , the two-state solution, and Nasrallah expressed his happiness a few days ago, declaring that he was destroyed!

Al-Rashed addressed the intruder: Brother Khaled, if there is an Arab country ready to fight Israel and regain the occupied territories, or some of them, we welcome and salute him, but, as you know, he does not exist . Because he knows the outcome in advance.

cut Oil ON America

He went on to say: Are you asking for pressure on America? As? verbal statements? Or cut oil? Saudi Arabia, the largest exporter, exports only 300,000 barrels of oil a day, a tiny amount that America easily replaces with Canada and Mexico. America is an oil exporting country today, unlike it was in 1973! The only country we can perhaps put pressure on is China, because it is the customer that buys more than 3 million barrels a day from the Gulf, but China is on our side!

Villages Printing machine

He continued: Do you demand that countries that have signed bilateral agreements abandon them and sever their relations? That is, every time Iran decides to open a battle with Israel, Egypt, Jordan or Lebanon have to break their agreements and risk losing their lands, or even the United Arab Emirates for zero gain, only to please some critics who are already against these governments, and are waiting for the opportunity to undermine Arab countries who disagree with you?

injection Blood

He said: To stop the massacre and displacement, it is difficult to put pressure on America and Israel, and the logic is to convince Hamas to leave Gaza, hand over the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority and spare the blood of innocents. people.

Al-Rashed concluded his response: We are tired of theorizing and we are tired of verbal heroics. Find practical solutions that return the Palestinians their land or part of it, and perhaps then we will find a basis on which we can agree.

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