Know your size, mouse.. Tweeters open fire on Lebanese ‘Weam Wahhab’ after he insults and threatens Arab rulers

Al-Marsad newspaper: Some tweeters on the “X” platform opened fire on the former Lebanese minister and terrorist ally of Hezbollah, Wiam Wahhab, after he had insulted Arab rulers and threatened them to ruin their country if they did not paid the price of rebuilding Lebanon if Hezbollah went to war with Israel and Lebanon was destroyed.

Dr Mansour Al-Malik commented saying: “Based on the terrorist threat issued by the leader of a Lebanese party, he and the party affiliated with him will be considered a terrorist organization and will be treated on this basis.”

Know your size, mouse

Lawyer Ismail Al-Sidlani added: “Wiam Wahhab is a rat who suffers from excessive consumption of drugs produced by the farms of the Lebanese terrorist Al-Lat Party. He imagined he had respect for himself while being vulgar, and he had no other choice but to appear before the masters and leaders of the world to say (Who’s watching this?) His mother’s eye, know your size, mouse.

Lawyer Ghazi Al-Anazi continued: “I hope that one of the Gulf embassies will confront this idiot and file a complaint against him on charges of terrorism and threatening sabotage operations against the Gulf states. For example, this statement must be held accountable in accordance with the law, and a televised threat that harms the security and interests of the Gulf cannot be accepted.”


The Lebanese people

Dr. Youssef Al-Sulaiman added: “I didn’t wish harm on Lebanon, but this time I wished it badly. I want to see how we can push back (the rape of our neck). Unfortunately, this sick and criminal ideology is the one that governs and controls the destiny of millions of Lebanese.”

Situations with siblings

Abdullah Al-Ghadib said: “I would like to remind you, mercenary Wiam Wahhab, that you have brought shame and destruction to your country. When the Arabs help their brothers, this is for chivalry and chivalry that people like you have defiled, and when we rebuild what you and your masters have destroyed, that means we put our foot in your mouth.” And you will remain a submissive fringe with no value to you…! Previously, a conference to rebuild what was destroyed by Satan’s party was announced, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia refrained from participating in it. We do not submit to anyone, and no one cares about us, and when we offer something to our brothers in Lebanon, this is released. Because of our generosity and our positions towards honorable brothers, not profane like you!

Muhammad Al-Qahtani added: “Al-Wadee Bin Al-Wadee’, Wiam Wahhab is just a “small” number. It is a “cheap” tool in the hands of its teachers and a “dirty” glove, which is used temporarily and then thrown into the dustbin of history.”

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