“Our bitterness has eased.” Abdo Khal responds to those who believe Hamas won the Gaza war and reveals the true goal of the Israeli ceasefire agreement

Al-Marsad newspaper: writer Abdo Khal commented on Israel’s approval of the truce in Gaza and Hamas’ belief that it has won the war that has been ongoing since October 7, in an article titled “Another Hamas blow” on Okaz newspaper.

Hamas has extinguished our bitterness

Abdo Khal said at the beginning of his article: The absence of the leader from the battlefield does not give him the right to make any decision, be it a truce or continued firmness… And just like Hamas (Hamas shut down the our bitterness), here he is exposing it again… And when you hear someone say that the (Gaza) war represents… A victory, since the speaker has the head of an ant. What is a victory in killing twenty thousand (children, youth, and women)? There is no doubt that the people who disappeared under the rubble are similar in number, if one does not understand the ugliness of it.

The next one is more ferocious

Then he continued: Let’s go back to the (supposed) truce. This is a four or five day truce, and anyone who listens to the Israeli defense minister will know that what is coming is more ferocious than the past. The strategic objectives that Israel claims are not completed, the most important of which is the displacement of Palestinians on the shores of Egypt and Jordan, and why Hamas leaders rejoice: with the supposed victory, it is the rejoicing of those who secured their lives and that of their children outside Tannour (Gaza) while reaping the profits of the destruction and killings that occurred.

The reason why Israel accepted the truce

He added: Israel (and America) did not accept the truce and prisoner exchange if they did not have major strategic objectives in mind. The most important of which is displacement, and the exchange of prisoners was only the result of pressure from the Israeli people. If we remember the beginning of the war, we will discover the truth of the Israeli Hannibal Protocol, which allows the army to continue the war without worrying about the capture of his soldiers, considering their capture or killing as a ransom for Israel. If Hamas leaders remembered this point, they would know that the truce and partial prisoner exchange are nothing more than a plan to complete global destruction and push Palestinians to seek refuge in the two neighboring countries (Egypt and Jordan). It would have been better to conclude a prisoner exchange agreement after the war ended. But while the war is going on, Israel’s betrayal is present, as it can empty its prisons of Palestinians, all of them, and when they leave, bomb them in destroyed Gaza, and it would be better for them to remain alive in their prisons, undead in their graves.

A truce to facilitate objectives

Khal concluded his article: “Tomorrow is near.” Israel did not offer a temporary truce except to facilitate its objectives, and if it asked for fifty prisoners, they would be “naqwa” and let the rest of the prisoners go under control. slogan “Hannibal Protocol”. Since the leaders have been on the other side, and in another safety, for 46 days watching that brutal destruction and killing, I wish they would have given the men of the resistance the right to make decisions, and I am sure they will insist on death first of the enemy reaches the objective of the movement.

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