VENICE Triumph of Yorgos Lanthimos and the extraordinary Emma Stone

This is a triumph for Yorgos Lanthimos and the extraordinary Emma Stone as Frankenstein with the face and body of a woman. Not the story of a scary monster, but a dark fairy tale leading to the story of female emancipation through wastefulness and excess. Bad Things, the masterpiece of the Greek director, wins the Golden Lion at the 80th Venice International Film Festival. And the first thought turns to Emma Stone, the American actress, the main character of his film, who, like many of her colleagues, was absent from Venice this year due to a strike in Hollywood. “This film tells the story of a miraculous creature, and it wouldn’t exist without Emma Stone, another miraculous creature. This film is his,” Lanthimos said in his speech at the closing ceremony.

Matteo Garrone was also in contention for the most coveted prize with Io Capitano, a reverse story about the odyssey of two young migrants who leave Dakar to reach Europe. However, the director has to “be content” with the “Silver Lion” for best director and the Mastroianni Award, awarded to the aspiring actor Seydou Sarr, who after this announcement was in tears and “speechless.” Garrone’s thoughts turned to the victims of the terrible earthquake that struck Morocco, and speaking about his film, he added: “I hope it will evoke emotions and touch people’s hearts. I am very confident that the film will reach a wide and popular audience. The theme concerns deep injustice, it touches on the ethical problem of violating fundamental human rights.”

Last comment about the Venice Festival at Cittadino on Monday, September 11th.

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