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In 2010, action movie fans salivated over Perro Pavlov when the first film was announced. Los indestructible, the cream of society: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and Jason Statham. However, the viewing experience was like going to a 5-star Michelin restaurant with fries and fried meats. Schwarzenegger and Willis barely showed up, there was almost no guide, and the action sequences were much less than desired.

There was no hope for a sequel, and the promise also turned out to be a complete disappointment. The group included Liam Hemsworth, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Schwarzenegger wisely starred (his appearance in the first part was absent in all cases). Dine at the same Michelin-starred restaurant and enjoy the fried chicken and roast, only now served with two tomato chips on the side of the plate (Norris and Van Damme).

In the third part, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson and Antonio Banderas inexplicably appeared. But nothing can help this terrible saga, because the problems are always the same. Norris and Van Damme retired, and Steven Seagal decided to participate in the third part. Considering that the notorious actor’s problems are legendary, he must admit that his decision was the most sensible one.

Now connect the fourth part Los indestructible, Which makes us think that fried chicken with arroz is a delight after all. This is similar to French bread with mojo and fresh mantequilla.

Interestingly, it’s been a great year for action films, and we’ve had the opportunity to check out a true female master of the genre known as John Wick 4. But we also have to bear two deplorable works, since they constituted a tenth Fast and Furious and the second part Megalodon. Like the biggest films of the year, these two mega-productions have something in common: actor Jason Statham. So what are you waiting for? Statham is also the main character Los Indestructible 4! The third is the revenge of this British actor, who once managed to shine thanks to the films of Guy Ritchie in the role Cards, money, two guns th snatch.

Stallone finally shows some intelligence when he appears early in the season as Barney Ross, the leader of the team, and then disappears and forgets that there are others who are responsible for this disaster. Most of the blame falls on Lee Christmas, Barney’s best friend, whom Statham embodies as the devil with the reward of a team to match the action legends! Los Indestructible 4 it ends up being retooled into a new and deplorable car to ensure Statham’s career continues.

In any case, there is a team, but it has clearly fallen into disrepair. Dolph Lundgren is like Gunslinger Jensen, with an absurd toy and a little convincing determination to stop the drinking. And Randy Couture and his magullada nuts go into battle as Toll Road, the cutest of the bunch. New purchases include baby Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (who once participated in Righteous murder another “hue frito con arroz”, joined by Al Pacino and Robert De Niro) as Easy Day, Terry Crews’ replacement; Jacob Scipio returns to Banderas as Galan, the best of the group. The heart of an Afro and Latina is full with these two actors.

Indestructibles came into the 21st century and gave women the opportunity to join this “boys’ club” – that is, whenever and wherever they are sexy. This brings us to Megan Fox, who plays Gina, the Christmas bride, a woman as sexy as a woman; and Levy Tran, who accompanies Fox in the all-female action, as Lash, another sexy and deadly woman who excels in martial arts. Oh! Andy Garcia enters and rises as Marsh, the CIA chief, with all the words on his lips.

Jet Li (also wisely taking things a step further) has added two Asian action legends to complement the Eastern heartland. We’re talking about Indonesian Iko Uwais, the protagonist of classic instant action films. Raid 1 & 2, he plays Rakhmat, a despised terrorist. Y el Thai actor Tony Jaa, the protagonist of these joys, known as Ong Bak th Defender, born in Dece, late member of the group. It’s a shame they don’t have room to show off their enormous talent, but that’s one of the main problems of all the actors who took part in this stupid France. Don’t mention dialogue that seems to be missing. Dog patrolgratuitous, incoherent and inelegant violence that feels like something out of a bad video game, and pacotilla special effects that could be much better if given the opportunity to a group of YouTube fans.

The guy (if you can call him that) has to meet with the evil Rakhmat, who has captured one of the nuclear detonators and, following the instructions of the ghostly supervillain along with the evil master Ocelot (a traitor within the group), intends to cause a nuclear explosion on Russian territory, creating the impression that responsibility carried by the United States, which will lead to a limited nuclear war, which will greatly benefit Ocelot. And only our heroes can prevent this. Movies G.I. Joe several of Fassbinder’s works have been compared to this belt. No excuses because the color of the guides after this is God Los Indestructible 4 if completed.

It’s now our band sitting in a bar recording old times, and Statham for a while was seriously considering breaking up with Megan Fox to marry Melissa McCarthy and wanted to look for a job with Guy Ritchie. On Agent Fortune It’s a thousand times better than Christmas.

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