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“Le Trolls 3” was born in our rooms. And here are the other French speakers from this cartoon from DreamWorks?

Three musical and colorful troll adventures originated in Salles Ce Mercredi. After two films on their own tour, Poppy and Branche are officially a couple (#broppy)! For those who no longer have secrets for each other, Poppy may reveal an incredible discovery about Twig’s past.

At that time, together with six brothers Floyd, John Dory, Spruce and Clay, they formed the most popular boy band of that time, BroZone. Alors qui’il n’était qu’un baby, le groupe est separé, tout comme la famille et depuis branche n’a jamais revu ses frères.

Ever since Floyd, the father of the fraternity, comes to life to the sounds of pop stars, “Velvet and Veneer”, Branch and Poppy want to go on an edgy and tabloid adventure to reunite the enemy brothers and save Floyd from what it was even more tragic than someone who lived in pop culture obscurity.

And to give a voice to these little hairy creatures, DreamWorks is also calling on famous singers for both VO and VF.

Ainsi, Matt Pokora twice for a trio of consecutive trolls-gris-branch. Small role of Justin Timberlake in the original version. Dance Forest Trolls 3the heroes put an honest face on the past and on the opening, under my name Poppy, which is a branch of the boy group in the form of Justin Timberlake (‘N Sync) and Matt Pokora (Linkup).

Thibault Grabherr

Matt Pokora – est Branche

Director Walt Dohrn describes Timberlake’s reaction to the script lecture: “We want to assure you that Justin is fully supportive of the idea of ​​Brancheau being part of the boy band. I immediately liked this idea! We’ve found a balance between parodies and tributes!*“The animated character is more likely than ever before in America and France.

Before you hear about the DreamWorks character, Matt Pokora will now be dubbing Mosh, the characters in the animated film Le Vilain Petit Canard et moi et le Ara de Spix Roberto dans Rio 2.

American comedian and singer Anna Kendrick is ready for Poppy, the troll with the neon rose was the first to love her. If Luan doubles her character in the premiere film released in 2016, here she will become singer Vitaa, who will replace her in the upcoming films.

Poppy is the first soulful person in her life who is ready to accept you. And if the singer avoids the fears associated with Poppy’s voice, the car is not waiting for her, I will wait, this is the finale of the part that will be more difficult. Indeed, in Trolls, French singers devaient reinterpret the pipes from the films, accompanied by as many original songs as possible. There is still room for creativity and improvisation.

Thibault Grabherr

Amel Bent and Vitaa

Long live this new place in the Trolls universe. In the original version, he is dubbed by pop star Camila Cabello, the same member of Girls Band Fifth Harmony, Viva est la queen des Golf Trolls.

She and her tribe lived for years in an abandoned mini-golf course, an idyllic villa, completely utopian, protected from the dangers of the outside world. Viva est extrêmement converante, ultra-positive and very valuable. But you must overcome yourself and enter your comfort zone.

In the French version there is a singer Amel Bent, here he is prête sa voix. Translator “But philosophy” now doubles Manshot Emperor Gloria in Happy Feet 2, Crystal Fee in Clochette and Secret of the Fees, and Yeti Michi in Yéti & Compagnie.

In the film Viva et Poppy is interpreted in two titles”He takes two“. Les amies Vitaa et Amel Bent return after the album Sister in a trio with Camellia Jordana.

Vegedream stars Petit Diaman, Paolo Domingo and Guy Diaman, as well as the comedy dubbing by Emmanuel Courtille prête son timbre de voix à Smidge et nuage man.

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* Proposal for the release of a press dossier

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