Green Card is the protagonist of the Pacific Classic match between Chile and the United States.Peru

qualifying round

This Thursday, in the Pacific Classic against Peru, the green card will appear again to respect its neighbor.

Spanish fans respect green cards.
© José Albugia/FPASpanish fans respect green cards.

The Green Card and the Fútbol Más Foundation will once again be part of this process 2026 World Cup Qualifiersin this duel chile team Before peru teamin the so-called pacific classicOn Thursday, October, the Memorial Stadium is expected to be dyed green during the playing of the Peruvian national anthem as a sign of respect for its neighbor.

Under the motto “I want to see you respected again”, the NGO and the Chilean Football Federation invite spectators attending the Macul match to raise their green cards before the opening whistle to emphasize the importance of good behavior before the match and among fans, During and after the game.

This situation has occurred in La Roja’s previous games, especially in the final match of the qualifiers, when Chile faced Colombia at the Estadio Monument.

“We are delighted because the response from the public during the game against Colombia was overwhelming and we saw over 20,000 green cards raised at the Monument Stadium. The public showed that you can party with passion but also with respect others, and not to the detriment of others,” said Daniela Noreña, Executive Director of Fundación Fútbol Más.

The green card appears alongside the red card in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. Photo: (Pepe Alvujar/FPA)

Pacific Classic Green Card

This time the event will take place against the Peruvian national team, the atmosphere is always a little warmer as it is a so-called classic match, but hopefully the public will behave well at the monument.

“We know that the challenge is bigger this time. Not only because historically the football rivalry with Peru is probably bigger, but now we will have full capabilities, which makes the challenge twice as high. Not just to motivate people, but also for our team, They started installing the green cards at 10 a.m.,” added Daniela Noreña.

Unlike La Roja’s first home game against the Colombians, the capacity of the Monumental Stadium will be larger this time. More than 35,000 people are expected at the Colocolino Stadium, where the Green Card team will experience another crucial season. One day, this is supported by ANFP.

“Today, more than ever, La Roja needs the unconditional support of its fans and to express this support through the energy that can be transmitted throughout the stadium. Players feel it and experience it in different ways. Fans are essential, No one can be missing. My appeal is: let’s not risk our home court, don’t give our opponents an advantage, let’s play this game together with respect and good behavior. I believe we will achieve this through a green card.” said Pablo Millard, president of the Chilean Football Federation.

La Roja works on green cards.

How long has the green card been used?

On September 12 last year, Green Card returned to the La Roja competition after participating in the 2015 America’s Cup and the 2018 trip to Russia.

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