Leonardo DiCaprio improvises during the Killers of the Flower Moon tour

The star who started the script review was too involved in the plateau, as Martin Scorsese liked it.

Interview Lors d’une Accordée au WSJ Magazine, Martin Scorsese Because there is a disagreement between the directors at Paramount Pictures and the rest of the script. Flower Moon Killer.

Eric Roth and etc. Martin Scorsese Please first carefully read David Grann’s book from the perspective of FBI agents looking for Osage-leaning drama. I’m studying them Paramount If you don’t know if you want to support the project, then what you chose has never changed. Leonardo DiCaprio I asked for a review of the script two years after the writing process began.

Eric Roth and I saw him tell the story from the point of view of the bureau agents he asked (…) After two years of working on the scene, Leo came to me and asked, “This is the gist of the story.” “J’avais eu des reunions et des diners avec les Osages, et je suis me dit:”Voila history‘. Our birds feel that the true story is needed not from the outside, from the bureau, but mainly from the inside, from Oklahoma.” Scorsese said in a recent interview with the Irish Times.

From ‘Mean Streets’ to ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, Scorsese Talks Six Films with De Niro (Part 1)

Killers of the Flower Moon

Realist, Oscar-winning, lets you in New Yorker It’s not a very strong approach to films from a procedural point of view. De-fight, Eric Roth and etc. Martin Scorsese If you don’t need to make the necessary changes for the new script. Today, the focus is on the marriage between Ernest Burkhart (Leonardo DiCaprio), caught up in an amorous plot by his son, seen after the Osage Nation, and his Osage woman Molly (Lily Gladstone). In this new scenario, the FBI story became a secondary plot.

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Scorsese knows that Leonardo DiCaprio’s constant discussions and improvisations in dialogue “endless, endless, endless“Suspension for production.

From time to time, Robert De Niro and our views and thoughts become a little closer. Et nous disions (à Leo): ‘You don’t need this dialogue‘”.

Lorsk Apple He steps in to finance the $200 million film. Paramount This is the income from your decision and the retrospective role of the distributor.

Killers of the Flower Moon It’s in the living room October 18, 2023

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