El Mallorquin Josep Antoni Ribas Rosselló participates in the Evolution festival

El Mallorquín serves as director of “The Nerd Driver”, a film with CEF students.

Availability of the island this year Josep Antoni Ribas Rosselló This is in International Film Festival “Evolution” in Mallorca This is for double play. El Mallorquin, visual effects artist in caliber belts Indiana Jones and the Dial of Doom, El Rey Leon, Irish or Black Pantherfrom jumping to short film directing Know-It-All Drivermade together with students CEFbut he also participates in the festival as a video clip artist Labrinth Kill for your lovestarring actress Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones) and where Mallorquin Xisco Diaz Salamanca and Ibicenca Cintia Coll also collaborate.

The first of the projects Know-It-All DriverFor example, 3D animated short film As a diamond thief, he carries out an attack on a jewelry store while sitting in complete silence in a driving school van with his examiner, teacher and graduate student on board. He creates fun the pursuit for the city. “We did it in a year and it’s very good. He has an aesthetic cartoonwith very bright, warm and rich colors,” explains Ribas.

The city of New York was modeled after this city.

To bring a project to the top, you need to model it scenario to make it look as good as possible in the city NYwhich took a lot of time to work on and the result was frankly good.

In addition to this short film, in which he serves as director, Ribas Rosselló also appears in it as an artist, namely as a digital composer. video clips Kill for your loveartist Labrinth and who feels like the main character next to the recognized actress Game of Thrones Nathalie Emmonelwhich is displayed in the model 3D.

In this project directed by Catalan Ernest Desumbilia and, based on a photograph by Catalan Daniel Aragno, Ribas Rosselló shares the credits of the other islanders as a visual effects artist. Xisco Diaz Salamanca and Ibizen Cynthia Coll.

Cartel “Kill for Your Love”, Labrinth, with Nathalie Emanuel.

This is what happens to Ribas Rosselló, who has a lot of people on the island. talent“, the reason why the plane open study in Mallorca “is of a very high level because many of these talents have emigrated and my idea is that those who want to return can do so and Job from here.” This is also one of those who have marched and have now come, which can be allowed because projects are ongoing and so they want to contribute to what others can do. experiment it’s the same here.

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