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Disney insiders will be in talks with two actors to play Hercules and the satirical Philoctetes in Guy Ritchie’s live-action version of Hercules.

Even though Disney is celebrating its centennial and is excited about the original animated film Wish – Asha and the Good Star, the writers are well-received by the live-action version of Hercules, created by Guy Ritchie, who is now at the helm. vues réelles Aladdin.

Starring John Musker and Ron Clements, Hercules tells the story of the adventures of the famous sons of Zeus. Kidnapping Hades, who was a child and obliged to live among mortals, the demigod goes to the entrance of the satire Philoctetes and goes to learn how to force death. You can also try to find out what dignity of life seems to me to be Dieux du Mont Olympe.

The feature film should be more adapted to our times. In November 2022, the Russo Brothers, the film’s producers, say they will take inspiration from TikTok to make Hercules a modern musical comedy.

Danny Devito and Michael B. Jordan in Hercules?

Despite the acting crisis that continues to paralyze Hollywood, casting rumors for this live-action film are swirling online. Ainsi, insider Daniel RPK, I confirm that Danny DeVito, who was set to play Philoctetes in the 1997 film, will play the son in the live-action version. According to him, negotiations between the star and the studio are taking place at the time of the announcement of a major one. The rumor, consistent with the 78-year-old actor’s statement here in the project’s announcement, is now part of his desire to reprise his role.


Michael B. Jordan

Ojourduy, website Inside the magic Help Disney’s Sukhoiters pass on the role of the Greek heroes to Michael B. Jordan. A rumor that has already spread in 2021 and which has yet to be picked up with large tweezers could be that the Creed characters are 36 years old and that Hercules has been celebrated for many years.

Therefore, it is likely that there is a large amount of information that can easily react to viewers who are now likely to be aware of the changes in the adaptations of various Disney classics, since they have already experienced the previously mentioned controversial works. castings Halle Bailey for “Little Siren” and Rachel Zegler for “Blanche-Neige.”

Taron Egerton’s name was also circulated, as was Ariana Grande’s casting as Megara.

Other departure dates have not yet been announced for you. Hercules. Blanche-Neige will be released in our dark rooms on March 20, 2024, but it is possible that the film is currently based on the size of the actors.

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