Coming to Prime Video is a drama film that combines mystery, romance and a twisting plot.

If you have novel in a box and you dream of becoming a writer, this film will enchant you. On Amazon Prime Video There is drama film which combines mystery, romance and a twisting plot. Has a name Words and boasts an extraordinary cast.

drama film

A drama about writing on Prime Video

Words this is a 2012 film signed by the couple Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal in his directorial debut, presented in 2012 at Sundance Film Festival. It’s dedicated world of writing and brings together three interconnected stories. A story that unfolds on different levels of the narrative until an unexpected ending.

The main characters are played by stars. Bradley Cooper (A star is born) AND Zoe Saldana (Avatars). They have a top-notch cast, starting with Dennis Quaid (Jaws 3, at any cost AND In good company) to get to the Oscars Jeremy Irons (The Von Bulow Mystery).

Plot of the film Words

The film opens with famous writer Clayton Hammond, participated in a public reading of some excerpts from his latest successful novel, entitled Words. The main character of this film Rory Jansena young aspiring writer who is trying in every possible way to sell his first novel to a publisher, but sees himself always refused. To support himself, he decides to take a job at a literary agency without giving up his writing aspirations.

His life changes forever the moment he Honeymoon in Paris, Rory finds a briefcase containing old manuscript, without author. Driven by the beauty of the story, Rory decides to publish it under his own name, thereby appropriating someone else’s idea. The book immediately appears great successand leads Rory to unexpected popularity. But soon the old man introduces himself to Rory as the real author of the novel. This is where they begin Many problemsstrange relationships and ethical dilemma.

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