3 tips to tell if your AirPods are original

confirm AirPods Competition between counterfeits and genuine products can be a challenge, as counterfeit makers strive to replicate the look of Apple’s earphones with extreme accuracy. However, there are some key tips that can help you determine whether the AirPods you’re considering are genuine or counterfeit.

1. Check the box quality: AirPods The original They come with a high-quality charging case that feels sturdy and well-made. Fake products often lack the same build quality and may have rough edges or low-quality plastics. Check the texture and printing of the Apple logo on the case, as fakes often have faded or poorly printed details.

2. Verify the connection: Genuine AirPods pair easily with your device Manzana They display battery information on your device screen. Counterfeit products may have connection issues, have intermittent connections, or not display accurate battery information. Test connections to Apple devices to make sure they are working properly.

3. Check sound and microphone quality: Genuine AirPods have clear sound quality and good microphone performance. Fake products often suffer from sound issues, such as distorted calls or lack of clarity. Do a sound test and call someone to check the quality of the microphone.

These tips will help you spot counterfeit AirPods and make an informed decision when buying wireless headphones. It is always recommended to purchase products from reliable sources to avoid buying low-quality imitations.

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