Gisele Bündchen decides where to live after divorce from Tom Brady

dafter divorce tom brady 2022, Gisele Bundchen Her name has been seen in the media being romantically involved with several men, however, real news has emerged about her living situation.

While the couple were still together, they were building a large family home down south. FloridaHowever, they broke up before construction was completed.

However, somewhat surprisingly, Gisele Bundchen will be moved to Florida You will live there for half the year, splitting your living arrangements between your significant other.

This will bring her very close to her ex-husband Brady Living in a house built for both of them.

Gisele buys a new house in Florida

Although they have all been under financial pressure due to the collapse of FTX, Gisele Bundchen He was still able to find the funds to buy an expensive house.

According to reports, Bundchen She spent approximately $9.1 million to buy a new house for herself and her children.

According to the report, “An entity linked to a Brazilian supermodel has purchased a home in South Florida for $9.1 million. The property covers approximately 7.5 hectares and features a full-size football field, two equestrian arenas and a sports field. .” Wall Street Journal.

It’s been a year Giselle decided to separate Brady Now you are creating a schedule for your life, determining where you will be at certain times of the year, in the hope that this will provide a grounding experience for your child. children.

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