4% of drug users are infected with HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis

A report submitted by the Center for Integrated Orientation and Research (COIN) highlighted that 4% of people who use illegal drugs are infected with HIV, hepatitis C and tuberculosis.

During the presentation of project results prince of dominican republicdetailing that this percentage was drawn from a sample of 1,084 people.

It has been observed that men are more susceptible to HIV infection.

Using this data, COIN and other entities seek to build trust among individuals diagnosed with the conditions listed above, particularly HIV, to facilitate access to help services.

Another situation drug users experience is stigma, which is why Director Hanoi Vargas, Executive Basic backpointing out that it is important for these people to be treated with dignity.

On his side, Juan Javier Rojas community resilience He emphasized that institutional support for community services and people’s participation in policy formulation are crucial.

The dialogue is hosted by the Center for Oriented and Integrated Research (COIN) and involves multiple entities.

It is worth noting that from November 20th to 26th, COIN celebrated world HIV screening week The project aims to raise awareness of the importance of early detection of HIV/AIDS.

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