LeBron James’ stunning feat will have Pistons fans bowing to the King

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James accomplished something Pistons fans could only dream of this season.

The Detroit Pistons haven’t been the same since the days of Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace and the rest of the “Bad Boys 2” Pistons, but the Lakers are as good as ever .

The two bitter rivals have gone in different directions since the early 2000s, and LeBron James has been a big reason for the recent success of coach Davon Hamm’s team.

According to recent rumors, the Lakers are a potential destination for star guard/forward DeMar DeRozan if the Bulls decide to part ways with him at some point this season. After disastrous performances against Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey and the 76ers, the Lakers suffered a brutal reality check from Brian Windhorst.

The Lakers took on the Pistons on Wednesday night and thoroughly defeated their “former” rivals from the Motor City.

The away Warriors Lakers won 133-107, with LeBron James scoring 25 points and D’Angelo Russell scoring 35 points. Anthony Davis scored 28 points and the weak Pistons collapsed at home.

The final score highlighted LeBron James’ embarrassing numbers for Detroit fans, which will make fans bow to James.

“Yeah, I get it, we suck,” one Pistons fan responded.

Others criticized the statistic for not being “real” compared to other, more established numbers, such as points or rebounds.

The Lakers are 11-8 on the season, while Monty Williams and the Stones fell to 2-16 on the year.

Next up for Davon Hamm’s Lakers is a road test against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday, a challenging period for Mark Daigneault’s team.

Thunder guard Josh Guidy is under “active investigation” into inappropriate sexual contact with a minor who has hit some snags recently.

For now, James and the Lakers are focused on playing their best basketball while keeping the drama off the court.

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