4 Plants That Are Perfect For Making Homemade Bonsai: Tips And Secrets That Don’t Fail

Although the word potted plant It originated in Japan, and this art originated in China, about two thousand years ago, as an object of worship by Taoist monks. For them it was a symbol of eternity, as the tree represented the bridge between gods and men, heaven and earth. This discipline includes controlling the growth and size of shrubs and plants through different techniques such as transplanting, pruning, wiring and pruning. In turn, the branches must be shaped to give them a striking original shape.

he potted plant It grows in pots, and generally, any tree or plant can undergo this procedure.Of course for this you have to follow a series of guides to get it right otherwise the mini bushes can get damaged irreparable. This ancient teaching has become a trend in recent decades thanks to the flourishing of astrology, feng shui and energy.

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