Blue Beetle, James Gunn ruled out Ben Affleck’s Batman cameo?

Should Blue Beetle be starring with a very popular DC actor? Response from CEO James Gunn.

Blue Beetle is the new DC movie that fans have been waiting for in theaters for the past few years: since August 17, it has been in theaters, and since 18, also in American cinemas. The film has some success, despite the fact that its main character is not known to everyone: he is certainly not Batman or Superman. However, the protagonist is a little rising star: we saw him as the absolute protagonist of the Cobra Kai series and had a truly unique success with him.

But should Blue Beetle have a much more famous hero – and certainly controversial to the extent that Ben Affleck played him – and then canceled by the magic brush of James Gunn with his arrival in the DCEU?

Let’s see how the director and CEO react to this insinuation from the press and some fans!

Did the Blue Beetle make a cameo appearance as Ben Affleck in the movie?

Post-credits of the Blue Beetle scene

James Gunn, as always, was very candid about his creative choices and his films. Blue Beetle could be the canon character in the universe that DC’s new CEO has decided to create for the future, but no one else is sure. Gunn intends to almost completely change the face of the production company, also changing the characteristics of some well-established heroes in the collective imagination, such as Henry Cavill’s Superman.

But what does he have to say about Ben Affleck’s hypothetical appearance as the Dark Knight in Blue Beetle? Here’s how he responded to insinuations and rumors that he wants a cameo. “I’ve never heard of a Ben Affleck cameo in Blue Beetle, and neither has Peter. No cameo” he clarified on his Twitter profile. “I never heard of it because it never existed (I just asked the producers).” then he added.

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