5 Benefits of Being a Babysitter for Your Kids

Hiring a personal caregiver may be the best option for ensuring your baby’s health and proper development. We tell you why.

5 Benefits of Being a Babysitter for Your Kids

latest update: August 2, 2023

As a mother, you are sure that no one else can care for and care for your child like you do. However, if you are a working mom, you may need to delegate caregiving duties to someone else. You may wonder which is the best option. Therefore, we want to tell you about the benefits that a nanny can bring to your children.

We share this information with you because we know you’ll hear a variety of opinions. Some will advise you to leave it in the care of your family, while others will tell you about the wonders of a nursery or nursery.

The truth is, the decision is yours to make based on what’s best for you and your family. But what are the advantages of being a personal paramedic? let’s see.

The Benefits of Hiring a Nanny for Your Children

We know that many times the decision of who will take care of a baby depends on a variety of factors, such as economics.In fact, according to an article published in the journal JJournal of Family and Economic Issues, This seems to be the deciding factor in many families.

However, beyond this issue, today we want to focus on the specific benefits that having a private caregiver means for children. If you’re still unsure, maybe this can help you make a decision based on your child’s and family’s needs.

1. Bonds of Secure Attachment

In addition to socializing with peers or gaining independence, What babies under the age of 2 and 3 need most is to establish a secure attachment. This will be the foundation of your personality, your confidence in yourself and the world, and will have an impact on your future and mental health. For this, you need a primary caregiver who is sensitive and responsive to your needs.

This critical role is played by parents.However, according to a publication by the Catholic University of Perunanny can also be an attachment figure. As we said, the key is to have an adult present and available to care for the baby. Either listen to it, understand it, and meet its needs in a consistent and appropriate manner.

In children’s centers, the teacher-to-child ratio makes it impossible to provide children with the type of responses they need. Thus, the care of a nanny may be the closest thing to the ideal care of warmth, stability, and nourishment provided by the parents themselves.

2. Personalized attention

As mentioned above, having a nanny ensures that your baby gets personalized attention and keeps him from having to compete for attention. Apart from, Allows you to follow your own pace without external pressure.

For example, in some strict baby centers, babies may need to be potty trained or transitioned to solid foods before they are ready. However, this is not the case when there is a caregiver in the home.

on the other hand, If this resource is used well, it can greatly benefit children’s intellectual and psychological development..A study published in the journal Journal of Social Issues showed that babies who go out to centers have an advantage over babies who are cared for at home, but this is due to the qualifications of those who care for them and the stimulation they receive.

What does it mean? When choosing the nanny correctly, Choose someone with training in child pedagogy, you can get the same or better results. She will be able to design and tailor specific stimulating activities and tasks for your child. This is very useful if you have special needs.

3. Shared values

Another most notable incentive is the Make sure that when choosing a nanny for your child, she shares the same values, practices and attitudes that you hold dear and embrace. For example, if you are committed to respectful, active, and mindful parenting, you may choose to hire educators who follow the same lines.

in this case, You can agree on how your baby will behave and proceed. That is: how to deal with a tantrum? , how to deal with mealtime? , what degree of autonomy is provided to the infant? …in the case of a nursery, this level of consensus, detail and oversight is on you.

In addition to enjoying a more active approach to education, When it comes to consistency, your child will benefitBecause all the nursing figures in your life will follow similar styles and practices, bringing a sense of clarity and stability.

4. Regularity and calm

Another benefit is the convenience Make transitions easier and more respectful. What do we mean by this? Separation from mother is confusing and distressing for a baby because he doesn’t understand why he left or whether he will ever return.

If we add to that having to change circumstances (leaving the house and going to the center) and schedules (getting up early to go to school), drinking is even harder.have a personal caregiver Keep children at home, in a safe and familiar environment, and go about their daily lives. Something that can greatly facilitate adaptation.

5. Fewer diseases

Finally, as suggested by an article published in the journal Pediatrics, Children attending day care have higher rates of diarrhea, hepatitis A, meningitis and possible otitis media Than kids staying at home.

An increase in the incidence of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases has also been reported. This poses a significant risk to their health, which can be avoided if the child is placed in the care of a nanny.

The benefits of babysitting for children don’t cancel out the disadvantages

Although choosing to hire a private caregiver offers several benefits for young children, there are also some disadvantages. For example, The person may leave the position and the child may be forced to start over Many times when bonding with new caregivers.

Furthermore, as we have commented, if the sitter was not trained or able to provide adequate stimulation during childhood, The development of young children may be affected.

However, this decision is made for each family and there is no single valid option. Before making a decision, analyze your family’s needs and choose the one that is best for you.

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