Piqué is challenged at the disco by shouting “Shakira Shakira”. And he doesn’t like it

“I am also a world champion. And you are nobody”

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Shakira Gerard Pique

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There revenge song still haunts Gerard Pique. When he was at the Fitz nightclub in Madrid, he was actually challenged by the audience with a chorus praising Shakira and didn’t react well: “I’m a world champion too. And you are nobody,” he answered into the microphone, as evidenced by a video circulating on the network.

The former footballer was at the club to celebrate the end of the season for the Royal League, a special football tournament he conceived in his career as an entrepreneur that mixes the rules of competitive sports with the rules of video games. However, when it was time for him to take the stage, a group of people in the audience started shouting the name of the Colombian singer, preventing him from speaking.

At first Piqué tried to calm down, but as the chants continued, he allowed himself to utter this phrase, which is so reminiscent of the Marquis del Grillo. Not only that, because the former goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, Iker Casillas, soon delivered another displeasure to his colleague. Picking up the microphone, he asked the DJ to play Waka Wakathe anthem of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, won by Spain, of course, but sung by Shakira.

It’s true that Piqué was the flag of Barcelona, ​​which is why the Madrid fans never liked him, but it’s also true that Music Sessions Volume 53dedicated to him by his former partner, the real revenge songseems to still accompany him, despite the fact that six months have already passed.

Here’s a video:

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