5 celebrities who showed us how to respond to bullies

Our celebrities, to get to where they are now, have had to go through more than a few difficult experiences, dealing with people who didn’t believe in their dreams, ambitions or talent. For some of them, it has become an incentive to improve themselves to prove the other wrong, for others it is an open wound, to be healed as soon as they get the chance. Here’s how 5 celebs reacted and responded to their bullies or to those who had made fun of them.

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Imagine finding yourself on a red carpet face to face with whoever made your high school years a real hell, what would you do? This is what happened to the actor who found himself being interviewed by one of the girls who teased him at school. Jordan, despite the occasion, did not miss the opportunity to remind her of all the epithets that had been addressed to him, leaving her stunned. The justifications were worthless because the protagonist of Creed managed to take his revenge.

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In the singer’s case, it’s not the words, but in her college days, there was even a Facebook group to taunt her called; “Stefani Germanotta you will never be famous”. It just took a while, but in the end our Lady Gaga managed to respond to her bullies on the most prestigious stage there is: that of Oscars. Indeed, after she was handed the statuette for A star is Born, he recalled the episode, urging everyone to believe in their dreams, even if they seem impossible. Who knows how someone reacted seeing her from her sofa at home.

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The interpreter of Cardigan she managed to get revenge on those who had opposed her in high school in the best way in the world: being kind to them and making the facts speak. During one of her big sold out concerts in her hometown of Reading, she was joined backstage by the group of girls who stalked her when she went to school. She signed their T-shirts and CDs and then waited for them to remember who she was and what they had done to her. “For me – Taylor said some time later – it is a bittersweet memory because I understood that those girls, up to that moment, had not had the slightest awareness of how mean they had been to me”.

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One of the reasons Blake Lively was teased constantly in school was her height. One of the nicknames that had been given to her was that of Big Bird, like the main bird of Sesame Street. As he explained, his high school classmates found this resemblance amusing because “I had long legs like him and yellow hats like his feathers.” A few years later, he wanted to participate, as a guest, in a segment of the series, in the company of Big Bird, just to take his revenge and respond to the bullies with a laugh.

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In his case, the jokes, jokes and diatribes move to the world of social media and see as protagonists, in the role of mean girls, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber. It is useless to go over the feud that has kept us company in recent days, but it is worth remembering that, to every inappropriate comment or possible dig at her from the two friends, she always responded with kindness and asking all of his followers to be polite and not contribute hateful or negative comments.

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