“1,800 euro salad”. Scandalous dinner at the restaurant for Harry and Meghan

Every time that Harry And Meghan they cross the threshold of a club and a scandal breaks out. After the Duchess’s alleged star tantrums in Robert De Niro’s restaurant in July 2022 and the million dollar dinner with the Sussexes last December, the very expensive menu of the famous Polo Lounge in Hollywood is now unleashing the controversy. where the couple would have dined in March 2023. A place for the “chosen few”, let’s say, where a simple salad could cost 1,800 euros.

A light salad (but not on the wallet)

The Express reveals that i Dukes of Sussex they would indulge in several social evenings in the last few weeks. During one of these they would have dinner in the very famous Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel. A place where glamor and history merge, frequented by the Olympus of Hollywood stars, such as Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra. The Polo Lounge presents itself to the public as follows: “The most interesting room in Beverly Hills, still (today) animated by the most visible names and the most sensational stories… The Polo Lounge is the favorite place of generations of Hollywood stars and impresarios”.

Guests of the restaurant are also required to respect a strict dress code: “(No) casual style hats, ripped jeans, crop tops…sleeveless shirts…”. After four in the afternoon it is not even allowed to wear sportswear or flip-flop sandals. Another chapter is the menu, no less legendary than the place and at the origin of the controversies involving Harry and Meghan. A seafood risotto would cost $85, caviar $290. The most expensive dish, however, would be thesalad: 1912 dollars, or 1800 euros. The high price would be “attributed” to the ingredients that make it up, including lobster and gold leaves.

The dukes of Sussex would have been spotted, also in March 2023, also in the private club San Vincente Bungalows in Los Angeles. Another local loved by movie stars like Sandra Bullock and Kirsten Dunst, which costs its members $4,200 a year. For the most critical, the activist image that Harry and Meghan would like to create for themselves would be quite out of place with such luxurious social evenings.

Star whims?

It’s not the first time that the Sussexes have found themselves in the eye of the storm for their lifestyle, especially the choice of restaurants. Last July, on the occasion of the speech to the UN by prince Harry, the dukes reportedly went to dinner at Robert De Niro’s restaurant, “Locanda Verde,” in Tribeca. Upon their arrival, the security men would have forbidden the guests present to take pictures and make videos. It also seems that the Duchess attempted to have the entire fifty-seat courtyard reserved for four people. The club manager, however, would have replied that it was not possible to fulfill her request, since all the places had already been booked for her birthday.

In December 2022, immediately after having collected the “Ripple of Hope” award, awarded by Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, Harry and Meghan attended the gala evening organized by the association to celebrate this recognition (on which other criticisms rained from part of those who judged the dukes undeserving of obtaining it). However anyone who wanted to take a seat at the table of Sussex he would have had to pay the not modest sum of a million dollars. For “only” half a million dollars, however, guests could have attended the reception (without sitting next to the dukes) and have a souvenir photo next to Harry and Meghan.

At the moment nobody knows yet if the couple will return to London for the coronation of Charles III. According to rumors, Harry and Meghan would have shown themselves calm and smiling at each of their outings in Hollywood clubs. Impossible to say if their smiles are signs of sincere serenity, or just appearance.

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