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Heat-tolerant plants are easy to take care of without much worries, even if it doesn’t rain, because they need little water.

There are plants similar to those people who always remain positive in the midst of adversity. In this case, long periods of drought, high temperatures and, yes, owners who don’t want to worry too much if they can’t water them when they go on vacation. Some of these plants come from the driest places on the planet and are looking for a place on your balcony or in your summer garden. Here are 5 plants that need a little care and, above all, a little water.


From the fields of Brihuega in Guadalajara to the fragrant expanses of lilac shades of Provence, lavender is one of the typical summer plants. This is a fragrant gem. universal, because in addition to its smell and color, it lends itself to any support: in the center of the family table, in a special vase in the garden or even in a cozy greenhouse on the balcony. As if that wasn’t enough, the lavender is too one of the most drought tolerant plantsdoes not need frequent watering – a maximum of once a week – and requires only one condition: sun, lots of sun. And don’t forget that other aromatic plants like rosemary or thymethey are just as strong.


If there is one plant that defines the allure of the Mediterranean summer like few others, it is undoubtedly bougainvillea. This Liana with bright pink flowers – even if it can be found in red, orange, white, red or purple – it is must for any terrace by the sea and, in addition to being very beautiful, does not require special care. Bougainvillea is not only able to store water in its stems and flowers and therefore resist for long weeks, but it can also survive in places where temperatures exceed 40°C.

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