5 reasons why you should make a mask to your lips

uA soft, kissable mouth in minutes: 5 reasons why you should make your lips a mask right away.

Have you ever tried to make a lip mask? If the answer is no, you should do it now. Dry, cracked and with cuticles, the mouth it is the most sensitive area of ​​the face and which undergoes changes in temperature, reacting to cold and heat. In fact, the mucous membrane is very delicate and subtle, for this reason it does not like high temperatures or even those that are too low. It doesn’t take much, therefore, to find dry skin, so much so that not even the classic cocoa butter is able to restore hydration and give the coveted soft effect. So what to do? The solution is a lip mask. A beauty remedy which has conquered stars and ordinary women, also becoming a trend on Instagram. Rich formulas, natural ingredients and immediately visible results: this beauty remedy is able to give a smooth, nourished and kissable mouth.

If taking care of the skin of the face has become a routine for many women, it is often the lip health goes into the background. However, this is a mistake: a soft and smooth mouth is in fact an excellent basis for creating state-of-the-art make-up, but also for giving the whole face a healthy look. Lip masks are a very popular remedy because they are quick to do and guarantee excellent results. Still not convinced? We reveal 5 reasons to try this right away little miracle beauty.

You take care of yourself (and relax)

We often ignore the benefits which may arise from a moment of pure relaxation dedicated to ourselves. The lip mask is a small beauty gift that you can give yourself, bringing the Spa into your home. After a long day studded with commitments and deadlines, it’s nice to switch off, take a hot bath and indulge in a special pampering. A relaxation that involves body and mind, because the mask formulas are often enriched with essential oils that stimulate the senses. Fill the bathtub with lots of foam, light some scented candles, apply the mask and enjoy your home aromatherapy session.

The results come immediately

You don’t need to wait days or follow a long treatment: the lip mask guarantees immediate efficacy. Just apply it, leave it on for the necessary time and you’re done. The product acts in depth, thanks to the very high concentration of assets, moisturizes the skin and improves the appearance of the mouth. If you let this beauty remedy into your beauty routine you won’t be able to do without it!

Applying lipstick will be easier

How many times has this happened to you apply lipstick and never get a satisfactory result because of chapped lips? Sometimes the lip balm is not enough, but a deep-acting treatment is needed. Before doing the make-up for an important event, you can make a mouth mask to match the one on the face. You will find that putting on lipstick will be much easier and your lips will immediately look gorgeous. Some of these beauty remedies in fact contain a small percentage of exfoliating acids which regulate cell turnover, eliminating the hated cuticles, improve brightness, circulation and oxygenation. Result? Lip make-up will last longer.

It is the right treatment even for the laziest

The lip masks night are undoubtedly the most popular. In fact, they solve the problems of those who don’t have the time or are too lazy to leave the product on and then remove it. Apply before going to sleep and take off the next morning when you wake up. The beauty of these masks is that they work during the night, as if by magic. During rest, the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the mouth, repairing and regenerating it, but above all guaranteeing a super performance. The next day she wakes up with dreamy lips!

You will feel like a star

Beloved in Korea, lip masks have conquered Hollywood stars, becoming the protagonists of many Instagram posts. Some time ago Emma Stoneand had been immortalized by her make-up artist Rachel Goodwin with a silicone patch on the mouth just hours away from her highly anticipated red carpet at the Golden Globes. Jessica Alba confessed to going crazy for this beauty treatment, while Sara Sampaio, Victoria’s Secret supermodel, has a stash, as she revealed on social media.

The tricks for a perfect lip mask

Enough a few steps for a splendid mouth and to kiss. First cleanse your lips well, making sure you have removed make-up, they will need to be “clean” to receive the best treatment. Then apply the mask: if it’s a patch, make it adhere properly to the skin, while in the case of a liquid product, massage it on the area and leave it on. All you have to do is wait the necessary time and enjoy the results!

DIY lip mask

You don’t need to spend astronomical sums to buy lip masks: create some DIY is quick and easy. Most of the ingredients needed to make a natural and cheap lip mask are already present in your home: you just have to choose the desired effect and, within a few minutes, you’ll get it!

Dry Lip Mask

To make a deep scrub, for example, that’s enough mix sugar and honey, massage the mixture on the lips and leave it on for a couple of minutes. After rinsing you will notice how much smoother your mouth will be. Another effective remedy is the mix of yogurt and honey: create a homogeneous mixture, apply it and leave it on for about a quarter of an hour. This combination will make your lips super soft. Finally, olive oil and avocado: a perfect mix to moisturize the lips.

Plumping mask

Do you want to plump your lips and get a volumizing effect? All you need is a pinch of pepper. This ingredient is also often used in cosmetics to give volume to the lips. Pair it with the brown sugar and honey mixture: a pinch is enough to activate microcirculation and make your lips fuller. If you have delicate or very chapped lips, it is better not to exaggerate with the dose of chili pepper. Also, avoid applying this mask too often, preferring gentler, more hydrating mixes instead.

Hyaluronic acid lip mask

There are several on the market: the lip mask with hyaluronic acid is very useful if you want to give a younger look to your lips. In fact, as we age, the lips tend to become thinner. for an anti-aging effect, the mask with hyaluronic acid is the most suitable: in addition to deeply hydrating, it smoothes out wrinkles and gives more volume to the mouth.

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