5 William Friedkin Movies You Must See Besides ‘The Exorcist’

director William Friedkinforever famous exorcistDied on August 7 at the age of 87. According to his wife, the cause of death was heart failure and pneumonia. As a legacy, leaving one last movie, caine mutiny court martialThat will premiere at the next Venice Film Festival Withdrew from the contest before it was released.

A master recognized primarily in the ’70s and ’80s, Friedkin amassed a cinematic body of work that will forever be marked by an unrivaled horror filmography. exorcist.In addition to her, however, the filmmakers also he directed some equally noteworthy films It confirmed that he was one of the best of his time.

Friedkin has received Oscars, Golden Globes and other awards and recognitions at prestigious film festivals such as Cannes or Venice.even On TV he also managed to emphasize Episodes from well-known series, such as beyond the limits of reality (fringe area) anyone Crime scene investigation. But his favorite has always been the big screen.So we collected five videos exorcist Celebrate you in the best possible way.

French connection.Against the drug empire (1971)

French Relations William Friedkin

If William Friedkin Succeeds in Other Fields exorcist,That is French connection.Against the Drug Empire.based on a novel Robin MooreThe film tells the story of two police officers trying to take down a drug ring. This movie is one of the best police thrillers ever made.

so that he received eight oscar nominations. Among them, it won five awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Gene Hackman), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing. Sure to be a hit for a nice afternoon at the cinema in memory of the director.

boys in the band (1970)

boy in the band william friedkin

Yet another adaptation, albeit a drama this time. boys in the band He brought the same actors on stage to the screen. It was also one of his first major films to be released in the United States. Openly gay doesn’t end in traditional tragedy.

Nine friends get together to celebrate one of their birthdays. Eight members of the group are openly gay, Although some claim it is not. The point of the party is to show whether he’s telling the truth, or, conversely, whether he’s afraid of coming out; but Friedkin also plays with the other boys’ relationships. In 2020, the work has a new adaptation on Netflix.

accursed accusation (1977)

Cursed Charge William Friedkin

world famous by its original name wizardthe film is a remake of price of fear (1953), from France Clouzot.Although in fact Friedkin has always denied that this is a remake of that work, but an adaptation of the novel George Arnold. The story follows four socially outcasts of different nationalities who accept a dangerous assignment. They must travel through the jungles of South America transporting six crates of highly unstable explosives.

at the premiere, reviews are mostly negative At the box office, it failed to generate profits or cover costs. William Friedkin attributes this to arriving in theaters at the same time as the first film. star wars, which is what attracts a large crowd to the room.However, it has gained a lot of popularity over the years and is now accursed accusation It’s considered a cult thriller.

Living and Dying in Los Angeles (1985)

Life and Death in Los Angeles by William Friedkin

Friedkin and Gerald Petwichauthor of the original novel, Living and Dying in Los Angeles The life of a secret agent trying to catch a counterfeiter. To achieve this goal, he will embark on a costly and dangerous plan.

This neo-noir mixes action, suspense and drama with a cast that includes william peterson, willem dafoe anyone John Turturrowait. Because, as much as Friedkin has gone down in history as a horror film, he was also a master of the cop genre.

hunt (1980)

hunt william friedkin

Another story about the police. this time, al pacino Bring to life an agent searching for a bloodthirsty gay murderer. To do this, he must infiltrate the dirtiest and sadistic environments.Although over the years, this caused a lot of controversy when it premiered Friedkin’s work is getting more and more praise.

the original title was cruise, a practice traditionally associated with LGBTBI backgrounds, involves going out in search of sporadic and anonymous sexual encounters in public places. However, Also means “patrol”which provided the filmmakers with a curious play on words.

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