Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s gentle birthday wishes. Fans: “It was fate”

Jennifer Lopez he wrote in his profile Instagram video to congratulate husband on his 51st birthday Ben Affleck. The social content shows the couple traveling together in a car and singing the very romantic song “Wonderful World” Sam Cook. But let’s see everything in detail.

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A video posted on Instagram shows how Jennifer Lopez AND Ben Affleck busy on road trip. He’s driving, she’s sitting next to him, and they’re humming the Wonderful World soundtrack together in the background. “Dear Ben… Happy birthday. I love you.” These are the words the singer wrote in the accompanying post on Instagram.

The video then literally drove the fans of the couple crazy. “You are an example that a second chance in love should always be given,” wrote a fan. And again: “You are beautiful. You will be one forever. Your love story was truly destiny.

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