Depp vs. Heard, a Netflix documentary series about the trial of Johnny Depp

On August 16, it will appear on Netflix and Sky Glass, Sky Q and Now. Depp vs Hearddocumentary series about the trial of a Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard. The famous defamation lawsuit generated a lot of media interest and had a significant impact on social media by manipulating public opinion. Documentary film maker Emma Cooper reconstructed the case by looking at it from both points of view, showing for the first time the evidence of all parties involved and questioning the very nature of truth and its role in modern society. Between alcohol abuse and addiction, the goal is to provide one neutral review of what happens “when the court of public opinion distorts reality and takes over.”


The marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard was short and busy. They met in 2010 on the set of a movie. Rum Diarybut got married only in 2015. A few months later they started long legal battleaccusing each other of violence and abuse. Three part series from Netflix, Depp vs Heard reconstruct the case slander featuring two of Hollywood’s biggest stars and taking the world by storm thanks to social media. The trial, which lasted two weeks, was followed live million viewers on YouTube and TikTok, which saw mixed reviews from the two actors. A unique—and unprecedented—opportunity to compare Depp’s and Heard’s statements and analyze the evidence presented with detachment. But perhaps the show’s real value lies in the fact that it raises the question of meaning of truth and about its role in our modern society, where the media and social networks have such a big influence on public opinion that sometimes leads to unpredictable results. Depp vs Heard a series that does not leave us indifferent and questions audience confidence.

how to see it

Depp vs Heard available for streaming from 16 August at Netflixand also up Sky glass, Sky Q and through the app Now smartstick.

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