50 Cent Clown Fredro Starr on Michael Jordan

50 Cent has never shied away from poking fun at his peers, so it’s no surprise that Fredo Starr’s claims about influencing Michael Jordan’s aesthetic appear in the New York MC’s latest clip.

On Wednesday (September 13), Fif shared a video from vlad tv The Onyx rapper was interviewed earlier this year. During the two-hour chat, he claimed his team inspired the Chicago Bulls superstar to go bald in the ’90s.

“Michael Jordan cut off his hair because of onyx,” he claimed. “Do the knowledge, n-gga. I know for a fact – when did Michael Jordan cut off his bald hair?”

Although Starr did not elaborate on the connection, 50 is not at all convinced of their validity.

“Oh no this is (hat emoji),” he wrote alongside Starr’s shot, which was punctuated by meme reactions. “I’m not going to say anything because I don’t have much. LOL (face covering emoji) SMH (confused emoji) What the hell is wrong with these guys?”

It’s worth noting that 50 Cent and Onyx’s history goes way back, with the band opening for the future mogul with their 1998 song “React.” Both were signed to Jam Master Jay’s label in the ’90s, but Fif made his mark after a brief stint there. After this, his relationship with fellow Queens MCs soured, culminating in a physical altercation with Fredo Starr.

Before making MJ’s comments, Starr even addressed rumors that 2Pac shaved his head after seeing Onyx rock the look.To which I responded, “That’s probably true, and his hairline might be receding. No disrespect to Pac, but n-gga’s hairline is – you know what I mean? You saw it juice, n-gga, you know what I mean? I’d shave my shit off my head too.

“I’m waiting for LeBron (James) to cut his shit, man… and Snoop Dogg – let it go, my n-gga… Stephen A. Smith. “A lot of people need to go to the dark side , man. “

In the same interview, Starr made the case for including Sticky Fingaz billboard and VibeBecause in the song “Remember Me?” It’s still a tight competition, as the Detroit MC is one of the few places where a featured artist has surpassed him on his own song.

Fredro Starr announces retirement from rap: 'This is the last year'

Fredro Starr announces retirement from rap: ‘This is the last year’

“I don’t know who made the list,” Fredero said. “Look, I don’t have to be on the list, I know I’m better than a lot of the n-ggas on the list. I know that, but Sticky Fingaz isn’t among the top 50 rappers, and that’s a little bit to me Haunted. Jadakiss’s score is 46. 46 out of 50? Jadakiss? Rick Ross is No. 50 on the list. Who wrote this list?

“I’m gonna say it loud. It’s crazy, Sticky’s not on the list? Come on, son. Sticky will burn half the gas out of it. I’ll burn off half the gas out of it, but Sticky is the guy. “That’s who he is The reason for recording with Eminem. “

He continued: “I think I embodied Eminem’s style on that particular record. That’s just my opinion, I’m not biased. I think Eminem brought that competitiveness to ‘Sticky,’ He wrote one of the worst verses ever, and Eminem brought it out of him.

“You said Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time? In that documentary, n-gga wore an Onyx shirt? “Sticky is one of my favorite rappers,” he always says. So, If he’s one of his favorite rappers, why didn’t he make the 50 list? “We should have Eminem write the 50 list. “

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